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2018 Story Competition Winner Upper Primary Isabel York

Bluebell Farm

It was a cold autumn morning and the golden leaves were falling.  She put on her worn slippers and headed toward the door, wiping sleep from her eyes.  She opened the letter box and took out a crinkled newspaper and two letters then she headed inside.

Maya filled the kettle with water, beginning to make herself a cup of tea, she unrolled the somewhat damaged newspaper and skimmed the headlines, then popped the tea bag in her cup, sat down on her arm chair, opened the letter and read
“To whom it may concern,
The following text contains an extract of the deed to the
Bluebell Farm”

She stopped, looked straight to the bottom of the letter and read
“Yours sincerely
David Walton fletcher
Lancaster Lawyers 27 willow street
Maya ran to the door put on her jacked stuffed the letter into her pocket and ran out to her car


Maya pushed open the door to “Lancaster Lawyers” and rushed to the counter “may I help you?” the receptionist asked
“I’m Maya Smith I’m here to see about Bluebell Farm” Maya puffed
“Oh yes come right through its room 6″.


Maya fumbled around in her pocket and then found the old brass key, she twisted the handle, swung open the door and headed to the car to release Blue.  He rushed to the door and without looking ran into it and fell backward Blue shook his head and dizzily walked inside Maya laughed at the little dog.  She walked through the ranch to the back door to find a horse stable complete with four horses their names engraved upon the stable doors.  Maya stroked a chestnut horse then bent down to read his name ‘Russel’ she murmured.  Maya had taken an immediate liking to him.  She wondered down the centre path, to left to which was a room containing four hooks, a shelf under each with the horses names above the hooks Maya grabbed Russel’s gear from the shelf then ambled back down the aisle.  She put on his tack and mounted the horse.


Russel trotted all over the farm, after an hour Russel started to act strangely, his ears began moving and he started to shake his head, Maya thought it may have been him getting used to her but as they went on she started to notice a lot of smoke and soon afterwards she caught a glimpse of a flame dancing in the distance…


Maya stood at the door of the cabin bullets of sweat dripped down her face, the siren ringing in her ears when the fire truck sped into her driveway, three men jumped out, soon two more trucks approached and it was not long before all that was left of the fire was a heap of ash and burnt trees
“Do you know how the fire started miss?” announced one of the firemen
“No, I was just riding my horse around the farm when we saw it” Maya stumbled upon her words
“It’s okay miss” replied the fire man “but we will need to send over an investigator to see how the fire started”
“Ok” agreed Maya anxiously.


The investigators car pulled up and he stepped out wearing a sharp suit, he walked up to the door and gave a loud knock “yes” called Maya from the kitchen, she wiped her hands on the tea towel and rushed up to the entryway, the investigator offered his hand and Maya shook it “Scott” announced the man
“Maya” she replied
“Now Maya is it ok if I look around your property?” asked Scott
“Um ok” replied Maya
“I’m happy for you to continue your business while I look around” he announced she agreed and the investigator strolled of.


It was dark when Scott returned he knocked on the back door of the ranch and slid it open
“oh your back” said Maya
“Yes,” he replied “but I found something odd, there looked to be a lighter out back of the farm.  It appears the fire could have been deliberate”  Maya froze who would do that to her
“I’ll drive us to a motel just quickly pack a bag” he directed.


The sunlight shone in from the window, Maya walked over to the lounge and sprawled herself over the outdated couch.  She remembered the feeling of joy when she first received the letter but it all seemed like a fantasy now, she wondered what might of happened if she had never known about the farm.  “Ring ring” the old landline phone’s call brought Maya back to reality she answered the phone “hello” Maya said trying to hide her pain
“Ah Maya it’s me Scott I was wondering if I could come see you later?”
“Ok” Maya replied
“How’s 12?”  he questioned
“Good, see you then” she said and hung up.


Scott arrived he wondered down the isle of hotel rooms to number 14, gave a sharp knock and was immediately greeted by Maya then they enjoyed a delicious lunch “I have some good news” announced Scott “we found our culprit, it was Max Hansen, Peter Hansen grandson, we think he was expecting the farm, given he was the man’s only living relative.  But his behind bars now so your free to go back to the farm” Scott explained, Maya rushed to pack her things and without a word was out the door, while Scott was still sitting on the couch a moment passed and he realised she wasn’t coming back so he left as well.


Back at the farm Maya was having a wonderful time, she heard a knock and in came Scott “Oh hello what are you doing here” said Maya
“I came to see how you were going” he replied
“I’m well, I was just making some dinner.”

Scott and Maya became great friends and they both moved into the ranch together with Blue and Coco (Scott’s dot), Russel and the other horses.

By Isabel York


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