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Wednesday 17 May

Eco Living Display Centre @ The Briars
450 Nepean Hwy Mount Martha

Tickets $15.00 – bookings essential


Join us to celebrate the release of Annie’s second cookbook – Annie’s Farmhouse Kitchen: Seasonal Menus with a French Heart.

Annie Smithers is one of Australia’s most respected female chefs. She has been a professional restaurant chef for over thirty years and spent her younger years training and working with luminaries of the Australian restaurant industry, including Stephanie Alexander.  As her passions have evolved, Annie has eschewed traditional restaurant cooking and focused on garden to table eating.  Annie opened her tiny restaurant in Trentham, du Fermier (‘From the Farmyard’), in 2013 where she focuses on cooking simple French farmhouse-inspired food.

Also joining us will be artist Robin Cowcher, whose evocative watercolour illustrations make this cookbook just that little bit extra special, and capture the true essence of Annie’s farm life and passion for food.

Tickets are $15 (no concessions), which includes the presentation plus a morning tea featuring some of Annie’s recipes from the new book.

Bookings are essential as places are strictly limited.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

Annie's Farmhouse KitchenAnnie’s Farmhouse Kitchen
Annie Smithers
Illustrations by Robin Cowcher

Annie’s Farmhouse Kitchen is a window on the bucolic world of acclaimed Victorian chef Annie Smithers. A handsome, gifty package, it includes a best-of selection of three and four-course menus collected by Annie over the three years of her restaurant, du Fermier, in Trentham. While part of du Fermier’s appeal is undeniably its charming central Victorian location, this farmhouse-style eatery is the sort of place intrepid food lovers might equally stumble across in rural France or Dorset or California.

Annie’s food is classic French Provincial, presented with a distinct pared back, accessible aesthetic (no fuss, with preparation, anyone can do this!), and determined very much by whatever is thriving in her rambling home vegetable garden in Malmsbury. As well as being fully illustrated with delightful watercolours by Robin Cowcher – meet the cat ‘Kitten’, meet the geese, meet the dog Tommy – Annie’s Farmhouse Kitchen will also include photographs that offer another valuable visual dimension to this compelling package.

In addition to seasonal recipes (four menus per season), Annie’s Farmhouse Kitchen will present readers with four standout feasts: deep mid-winter; summer solstice; spring bounty; and autumn harvest. Annie’s distinct voice will feature throughout – both guiding readers with advice about getting the best results from her recipes (what went wrong? what about leftovers? why, exactly, is this pastry so good?), and via occasional entertaining vignettes that tell the story of the daily challenges and victories inevitably associated with running a successful small restaurant in a country town – solo.



Deb (004)

Sun 5 March: This event is now fully booked.  


Dr Debra Campbell

Thursday 9 March


Bookings Essential – book in store or on 5975 5034

Together with Hardie Grant Books, we are delighted to celebrate the launch of psychologist Dr Debra Campbell’s book, Lovelands.

Psychologist, couple therapist and former university lecturer in marriage and relationships, Debra has worked in private practice, consulting on everything from panic to depression and parenting problems, as well as spending a number of years as a couple therapist at Relationships Australia.

Join us for drinks and nibbles and to hear Debra discuss the new book.

This is a free event, but bookings are essential as space is limited – please book in store or call us on 5975 5034 to secure your place. 


Lovelands cover (004)Lovelands
Dr Debra Campbell

Release date: 1 March 2017
$25.00 Hardback

Love is a wild and diverse land. Every soul needs a map.

Nothing is more important to us than love, yet nothing is more painful than love gone wrong. During the course of our lives, we can develop dangerous faultlines and crevasses in our inner emotional landscapes due to past hurts, losses and disappointments.

Lovelands is psychologist Dr Debra Campbell’s map for traversing the treacherous terrain of love and cultivating the wisdom and self-compassion for healthy love relationships.

Drawing on her own knowledge and experiences of dysfunctional love relationships throughout her life and work, Dr Campbell shows you how to become aware of your personal Lovelands so you can locate and identify your faultlines, avoid repeating negative patterns and become empowered to make different choices.

Whether you’re a parent to others, a lover to another, or working on the care of your own soul, Lovelands will help you make sense of love, from birth to death, and guide you in claiming the role of the hero of your own life and sovereign of your own Lovelands.

GARRY DISHER: Wed 18 January

We’re rapt to be able to kick off our Events Program for 2017 with a visit from our very own, acclaimed crime author…




Wednesday 18 January

Tickets $5.00

Book in store or on 5975 5034. Places strictly limited.

Celebrating the release of the 7th book in his Peninsula Crimes series, Signal Loss, we are thrilled to welcome Garry Disher for an evening in store to talk all things crime writing.

If you’re a fan of crime fiction, but haven’t yet discovered Garry’s Peninsula Crimes series, it’s definitely time to jump on board – there’s something quite thrilling about reading books that are set in your own locale – it provides an extra level of reality and really draws you into full immersion in the place, characters and story.  A must for all Peninsula residents!!

Join us for a different evening of summer entertainment!  Bookings essential – places are limited. 

About the Author

Garry Disher is one of Australia’s foremost crime writers. He has published almost fifty titles—fiction, children’s books, anthologies, textbooks, the Wyatt thrillers and the Peninsula Crimes series. He has won numerous awards, including the German Crime Prize (twice) and two Ned Kelly Best Crime novel awards, for Chain of Evidence (2007) and Wyatt (2010). Garry lives on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

signal-loss-high-resSignal Loss
Garry Disher

$30.00 Available Now

A small bushfire, but nasty enough for ice cooks to abandon their lab. Fatal, too. But when the bodies in the burnt-out Mercedes prove to be a pair of Sydney hitmen, Inspector Hal Challis’s inquiries into a local ice epidemic take a darker turn. Meanwhile, Ellen Destry, head of the new sex crimes unit, finds herself not only juggling the personalities of her team but hunting a serial rapist who leaves no evidence behind.

The seventh instalment in Garry Disher’s celebrated Peninsula Crimes series sets up new challenges, both professional and personal, for Challis and Destry. And Disher delivers with all the suspense and human complexity for which readers love him.




FIONA McINTOSH: Wed 16 November



Wednesday 16 November


Farrell’s Bookshop
143 Main Street, Mornington

Bookings in store

Celebrating the release of her latest historical romance, we’re very pleased to bring popular author of The Perfumer’s Secret, Fiona McIntosh, to Mornington for an intimate evening in store.

In her new book, The Chocolate Tin, Fiona takes us from the battlefields of northern France to the medieval city of York, with a heartbreaking tale about a triangle of love in all its forms and a story about the bittersweet taste of life … and of chocolate.

Tickets are $5 and bookings can be made in store or on 5975 5034. Places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Chocolate TinThe Chocolate Tin

Fiona McIntosh
$33.00 (Release date: 31 October 2016)

Alexandra Frobisher is a modern-thinking woman with hopes of a career in England’s famous chocolate-making town of York. She has received several proposals of marriage, although none of them promises that elusive extra – love.

Matthew Britten-Jones is a man of charm and strong social standing. He impresses Alex and her parents with his wit and intelligence, but would an amicable union be enough for a fulfilling life together?

At the end of the war, Captain Harry Blakeney discovers a dead soldier in a trench in France. In the man’s possession is a secret love note, tucked inside a tin of chocolate that had been sent to the soldiers as a gift from the people back home.

In pursuit of the author of this mysterious message, Harry travels to Rowntree’s chocolate factory in England’s north, where his life becomes inextricably bound with Alexandra and Matthew’s. Only together will they be able to unlock secrets of the past and offer each other the greatest gift for the future.

From the battlefields of northern France to the medieval city of York, this is a heartbreaking tale about a triangle of love in all its forms and a story about the bittersweet taste of life . . . and of chocolate.





Farrell’s Bookshop and Mornington Peninsula Shire proudly present:



Wednesday 9 November

The Studio @ PCT
Peninsula Community Theatre
91 Wilsons Road, Mornington





Celebrating the release of A Single Tree, the essential companion to its award-winning predecessor The Bush: Travels in the Heart of Australia, we are proud to welcome one of Australia’s most esteemed writers, Don Watson, to the Peninsula.

In A Single Tree, Watson – a former speechwriter for Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating – assembles the raw material underpinning The Bush, his 2014 work combining memoir, travel writing, history and social critique.

Watson’s handpicked collection continues the discussion on national character sparked by The Bush and comprises diary extracts, memoirs, journals, letters, histories, poems and fiction.

Join us for a fascinating evening of discussion, with thanks to the Mornington Peninsula Shire, for use of The Studio @ PCT.


a-single-tree_coverA Single Tree
Don Watson

$45.00 Hardback
(Release date: 26 October 2016)

A Single Tree assembles the raw material underpinning Don Watson’s award-winning The Bush. These diverse and haunting voices span the four centuries since Europeans first set eyes on the continent.

Each of these varied contributors – settlers, explorers, anthropologists, naturalists, stockmen, surveyors, itinerants, artists and writers– represents a particular place and time. Men in awe of the landscape or cursing it; aspiring to subdue and exploit it or finding themselves defeated by it. Women reflecting on the land’s harshness and beauty, on the strangeness of their lives, their pleasures and miseries, the character and behaviour of the men. Europeans writing about indigenous Australians, sometimes with intelligent sympathy and curiosity but often with contempt, and often describing acts of startling brutality.

This collection comprises diary extracts, memoirs, journals, letters, histories, poems and fiction, and follows the same loose themes of The Bush. The science of the landscape and climate, and the way we have perceived them. Our deep and sentimental connection to the land, and our equally deep ignorance and abuse of it. The heroic myths and legends. The enchantments. The bush as a formative and defining element in Australian culture, self-image and character. The flora and fauna, the waterways, the colours. The heroic, self-defining stories, the bizarre and terrible, and the ones lost in the deep silences.

There are accounts of journeys, of work and recreation, of religious observance, of creation and destruction. Stories of uncanny events, peculiar and fantastic characters, deep ironies, and of land unlimited. And musings on what might be the future of the bush: as a unique environment, a food bowl, a mine, a wellspring of national identity . . .

From Dampier and Tasman to Tim Flannery and assorted contemporary farmers, environmentalists and grey nomads, these pieces represent a vast array of experiences, perspectives and knowledge. A Single Tree is an essential companion to its brilliant predecessor.

new-the-bush-by-don-watson-paperback-bookThe Bush
Don Watson

$25.00 Paperback

While most of us live in cities clinging to the coastal fringe, our sense of what an Australian is, or should be, is drawn from the vast and varied inland called the bush. But what do we mean by ‘the bush’, and how has it shaped us?

Starting with his forebears’ battle to drive back nature and eke a living from the land, Don Watson explores the bush as it was and as it now is: the triumphs and the ruination, the commonplace and the bizarre, the stories we like to tell about ourselves and the national character, and those we don’t.

A milestone work of memoir, travel writing and history, The Bush takes us on a profoundly revelatory and entertaining journey through the Australian landscape and character.


Game On Book launch (002)

game-onGame On: Supercharge Your Career and Build The Life You Want
Bianca Chatfield & Leigh Russell

$35.00 RRP  Released 1 September


In Game On, star Australian Diamonds netball defender and ex-Vixens Captain, Bianca Chatfield, and Leigh Russell, leadership specialist and high-performance coach, join forces to bring you their no-nonsense handbook for success. Combining Bianca’s experience as an elite athlete, teacher and sporting mentor, and Leigh’s background as an ex-CEO, facilitator and counsellor, this manual for life provides the ultimate toolkit for being the best you can be. 

DOUG PURDIE: The Bee Friendly Garden

Doug PurdieBee friendly garden

Doug Purdie

Friday 21 October

Tickets $15

Eco Living Display Centre @ The Briars
Nepean Hwy, Mount Martha



We’re delighted to welcome Doug Purdie back to the Peninsula for the release of his second book – The Bee Friendly Garden.  We had a fantastic session with Doug in 2014 at Heronswood to discuss his first book, Backyard Bees.

This time round join us as Doug shares all his tips on how to encourage bees and other good bugs into your green space.

Tickets $15, includes the presentation plus morning tea.

About the Author
Doug Purdie – a self-professed ‘beevangelist’ – is the co-founder of The Urban Beehive, which manages over 100 hives around Sydney. He teaches beginner beekeeping courses and is the author of Backyard Bees.


Bee friendly gardenThe Bee Friendly Garden

$40 (Release date 1 September 2016)

Bees are our most important pollinators and they are in decline the world over. They love to live in urban environments where it’s a short flight path from one plant to the next. But with the housing boom and conventional gardens favouring lawns, paving and pesticides over flowers and edible plants, we are scaring the bees and good bugs away.  Without the plants, pollinators will vanish and vice versa.

Doug Purdie’s latest book The Bee Friendly Garden is a guide for all gardeners to encourage bees and other good bugs into your green space. This helpful, beautiful book includes:

  • How bees forage and why your garden needs them

  • A comprehensive guide to bee friendly plants

  • Simple changes we can all make to encourage a healthy bee population

  • Ideas for gardens of all sizes

  • Natural pest control and planting advice

Doug Purdie asks everyone to ‘think like a bee’. It’s all too easy to view the world from two human eyes, to see what looks, nice, neat and safe. But it is a very different world from the perspective of a bee with five eyes and ultraviolet vision hunting for nectar and pollen. If we don’t start growing a pollinator highway of food our bees will essentially become marooned.

The Bee Friendly Garden help us transform our backyards and balconies from an insect desert into a bug nirvana and a ‘bee highway’ across Australia to save our bees one garden or plant tub at a time.

Backyard Bees

Backyard Bees

$35. Available now.

Everything you need to know to keep bees on your rooftop, balcony or in your backyard.

Just about anyone can keep bees. All you need is a bit of space in your backyard (or on your rooftop) and a little love for the creatures that pollinate the vegie patches of your neighbourhood. Once introduced to the charms of beekeeping and the taste of warm honeycomb direct from the hive, you’ll be hooked.

Backyard Bees is the ultimate guide to installing and maintaining a hive through the seasons. Learn how easy it is to keep happy, healthy bees, and how and when to harvest the liquid gold. Including extensive advice on choosing a hive and the equipment you need; case studies and anecdotes from beekeepers from all walks of life; and 20 delicious recipes for all that honey, from Toasted Honey Granola to Bees Knees Cocktails.

Roland Perry: Wed 14 Sept

Joins us for an evening with one of Australia’s most respected authors…


Wednesday 14 September





To celebrate the release of his latest biography, Celeste: The Parisian Courtesan Who Became a Countess and Bestselling Writer, we are delighted to welcome Roland Perry to the Peninsula. With 30 published works spanning topics including biography, politics, espionage, history (WW1 and WW2), sport and fiction, this promises to be a fascinating evening.

Horrie queen Bradman monash

Books will be available for purchase and signing on the night.

Book online now at


Celeste: The Parisian Courtesan Who Became a Countess and Bestselling Writer

$33.00 Paperback
Release date: 22 August 2016

Courtesan, countess, bestselling author – the tempestuous true story of a woman far ahead of her time …

The true story of the Countess Céleste de Chabrillan is a rich and tempestuous tale of an extraordinary woman. Born in the gutters of Paris in 1824, Céleste made her name as a dancer in the Parisian dance halls, where it is said she invented the can-can.

Then, as an equestrienne at the Paris hippodrome, her daring feats on horseback thrilled the crowds. However, it was as the city’s most celebrated courtesan that the young Parisian found genuine fame and fortune. Strikingly beautiful and charismatic, her lovers included famous novelists, artists and composers, not least Georges Bizet, whom, many believe, based his free and fearless Carmen on Céleste.

But when Céleste married the Count de Chabrillan, a prominent member of the French aristocracy, Parisian society was scandalised. And when the pair turned up in far off Australia, where the count served as the first French consul, Melbourne society was scandalised in turn.

Later a bestselling memoirist, novelist, playwright and librettist, the remarkable Countess Céleste de Chabrillan was, indeed, a woman far ahead of her time.



Lunch with Tim Winton: Fri 7 Oct

We are so thrilled to be able to bring one of Australia’s most celebrated authors to the Peninsula to celebrate the launch of his new book:

Small Winton, Tim 2016 (Credit Hank Kordas)Please note that this event has SOLD OUT


11.30am – 2.30pm

Safety Beach Sailing Club
185 Marine Drive, Safety Beach

Tickets: $100

(Ticket price includes the presentation, copy of the new hardback book, two-course lunch and drink of your choice on arrival)               


Photo credit: Hank Kordas


Celebrating the release of his new work of non-fiction, The Boy Behind The Curtain, join us for lunch with Tim Winton and a rare view of his imagination at work and play. 

The four-time Miles Franklin Literary Award winning author will reveal the real characters and events behind his bestselling novels, in an intimate discussion ranging across his boyhood, movies and road-trips, family and faith to the natural world, art and writing.  

We are sure this very special event will book out quickly, so don’t delay securing your place – bookings can be made online through from 12pm Friday 1 July.

Please note: Specific dietary requirements should be advised via email to and these will be accommodated where possible.

BBTC Book cover (small)The Boy Behind The Curtain
Tim Winton

$45.00 Hardback
Release Date: 3 October 2016 – Pre-orders welcome

The remarkable true stories of The Boy Behind the Curtain reveal an intimate and rare view of Tim Winton’s imagination at work and play.

A chronicler of sudden turnings, brutal revelations and tender sideswipes, Tim Winton has always been in the business of trouble. In his novels chaos waits in the wings and ordinary people are ambushed by events and emotions beyond their control. But as these extraordinarily powerful memoirs show, the abrupt and the headlong are old familiars to the author himself, for in many ways his has been a life shaped by havoc.

In The Boy Behind the Curtain Winton reflects on the accidents, traumatic and serendipitous, that have influenced his view of life and fuelled his distinctive artistic vision. On the unexpected links between car crashes and religious faith, between surfing and writing, and how going to the wrong movie at the age of eight opened him up to a life of the imagination. And in essays on class, fundamentalism, asylum seekers, guns and the natural world he reveals not only the incidents and concerns that have made him the much-loved writer he is, but some of what unites the life and the work.

By turns impassioned, funny, joyous, astonishing, this is Winton’s most personal book to date, an insight into the man who’s held us enthralled for three decades and helped us reshape our view of ourselves. Behind it all, from risk-taking youth to surprise-averse middle age, has been the crazy punt of staking everything on becoming a writer.

Hugh Mackay: Fri 24 June

We are very pleased to once again be partnering with our friends at Peninsula Voice, this time bringing to Mornington one of Australia’s leading social commentators…

Pic for website (2)HUGH MACKAY

Friday 24 June

6.30 – 8pm
(please arrive from 6.15pm to register)

St Mark’s Uniting Church
50 Barkly Street

Tickets $5, includes presentation, book signing and supper. 

Proceeds from tickets sales will be donated to Peninsula Voice.

What do people actually mean when they say ‘God’?

Around two-thirds of us say we believe in God or some ‘higher power’, but fewer than one in ten Australians attend church weekly. In Beyond Belief, Hugh Mackay presents this discrepancy as one of the great unexamined topics of our time. He argues that while our attachment to a traditional idea of God may be waning, our desire for a life of meaning remains as strong as ever…

Hugh Mackay is a social researcher and the author of seventeen books – eleven in the field of social analysis and ethics, and six novels. His latest release, Beyond Belief, tackles the very interesting questions surrounding the place of the church and religion in our increasingly secular society, but one in which we are still very much seeking to lead meaningful lives.

Come along for what we are sure will be a thoroughly interesting evening of discussion, followed by a book signing and supper. Books will be available for sale and signing on the night.

You can listen to a recent radio interview Hugh did about the new book here.

beyondbeliefBeyond Belief
$33.00 RRP

What do people actually mean when they say ‘God’?

Around two-thirds of us say we believe in God or some ‘higher power’, but fewer than one in ten Australians attend church weekly. In Beyond Belief, Hugh Mackay presents this discrepancy as one of the great unexamined topics of our time. He argues that while our attachment to a traditional idea of God may be waning, our desire for a life of meaning remains as strong as ever.

Mackay interviews dozens of Australians representing many different points on the spectrum of faith, including some who are part of the emerging ‘spiritual but not religious’ movement. He exposes the deep vein of ambivalence about religion that runs through our society: we may not actively worship, but we still like to see local churches operating in our midst, and we use ‘our’ church to marry, christen our babies, educate our children and commemorate our dead. He points out some uncomfortable truths, such as our tendency to call on God only in a crisis, and unpacks our human need for ‘answers’, even when science can’t find them. He endorses the Christian ideal of the good life – a life lived for others – but acknowledges that there are many pathways to that same goal, not all of them religious.

Written with all the insight and compassion we have come to expect of our leading chronicler of Australian life, Beyond Belief is an engrossing exploration of the ways we find spiritual fulfilment in an avowedly secular age.

ArtofbelongingThe Art of Belonging
$20.00 RRP

The eternal question ‘Who am I?’ must be weighed against an even deeper question: ‘Who are we?’ We are writing each other’s stories as much as we are writing our own.

In his bestselling book, The Good Life, Hugh Mackay argued that kindness and respect for others are the hallmarks of a life well lived. Now in The Art of Belonging Mackay shows how strong communities develop our moral sense and build our emotional security. He says that as ‘social creatures’ we can only reach our potential when we engage with our communities – in the local neighbourhood, at work and even online.

Drawing on his lifelong work as a social researcher, Mackay creates a fictional suburb, Southwood, and populates it with characters who, like most of us, struggle to reconcile their need to belong with their desire to live life on their own terms. Through a series of stories, illuminated by Mackay’s social analysis, we witness the conflicts that arise when individuals assert their needs at the expense of others, but we also glimpse the satisfactions that flow from contributing to the common good.

Compellingly argued and written with wisdom, compassion and wit, The Art of Belonging is for those who yearn for a society that sustains and nurtures the many, not just the fortunate few.

goodlifeThe Good Life
$20.00 RRP

“No one can promise you that a life lived for others will bring you a deep sense of satisfaction, but it’s certain that nothing else will.”

Hugh Mackay has spent his entire working life asking Australians about their values, motivations, ambitions, hopes and fears. Now, in The Good Life, he addresses the ultimate question: What makes a life worth living?

His conclusion is provocative. The good life is not the sum of our security, wealth, status, postcode, career success and levels of happiness. The good life is one defined by our capacity for selflessness, the quality of our relationships and our willingness to connect with others in a useful way.

Mackay examines what is known as the Golden Rule through the prisms of religion, philosophy, politics, business and family life. And he explores the numerous and often painful ways we distract ourselves from this central principle: our pursuit of pleasure, our attempts to perfect ourselves and our children, and our conviction that we can have our lives under control.

Argued with all the passion and intelligence we have come to expect from one of Australia’s most prolific and insightful authors, The Good Life is a book that will start conversations, ignite arguments and possibly even change the way we live our lives.


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