The End of Mr HB

by Mia Davies


I’m stuck in a see-through plastic package. It feels tight, crowded and I can’t move.

I can feel something really sticky underneath me and a sharp object at my side.

After long silence, I hear loud chatter and heavy footsteps. It is becoming louder and louder as something gets closer. Zzzzzzzzip – the package is opening. A giant shadow glooms over me. I am scared of what is going to happen. The claw like shadow picks up something rubbery that was sitting on top of me. It then searches for something else……… ME!!! Finally, I feel free, thank you, thank you! When my head is put to a white, soft, flat sheet, I feel air against me.

Whilst within the grip of this claw, I am starting to sweat.

I hear unfamiliar words being called out and I’m moving so fast, like I’m racing. It feels exhilarating and I think I’m doing something very important.

After what seemed like several hours, the tight, sweaty grip gave way.

I suddenly hear a familiar name being called out, “Mia Davies.”

Then all of a sudden, the thing that was holding me stood up and walked out of my eye’s reach. Now all I feel is abandoned.

Soon after, when the chatter stops, I get shoved back into the plastic package.

I was never used again. Rumour has it, I was replaced by a blue pen.


HB Faber-Castell

Grey Lead Pencil


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