about farrells

We are a proudly independent general bookshop located in Mornington, Victoria, about an hour south-east of Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

We have been part of our community for more than 40 years, sharing our passion for books and reading and providing our customers with quality service and specialised knowledge.  Farrells is a welcoming and inclusive space to connect with other book lovers.

At Farrells we strongly believe in the relevance and importance of independent bricks and mortar bookshops in the 21st century – the desire is greater than ever for people to connect within their communities and enjoy face to face relationships with those who can provide them with passionate service and advice.

our philosophy

We believe that books matter.  Reading and books have so many benefits – improving your mood, reducing stress, learning new skills or ways of thinking, understanding others and the world around us, and finding connection – to an idea, a feeling, a community.  And, of course, entertaining us or giving us a form of escape – without travelling anywhere except the inside of our own heads.

In Farrells we strive to create a place of community, understanding and acceptance, through a shared love of books and everything they can bring us.  Matching a reader with a book that will change them, nurture them, reveal a truth they have been searching for or simply bring them pleasure, is what we love to do most.  Books can change the world, one reader at a time.

our history

Farrells was established in the late 1970s by Roy and Liz Farrell, who nurtured the business for its first 20 years, before handing the reigns over to Ian and Meredith Horton, formerly of Pages Bookshop in Kew.  Both the Farrells and the Hortons were passionately involved in leadership within the book industry in both Victoria and at a national level.  They remain active and committed members of the Peninsula community and very regular Farrells customers!

Today Ian and Meredith have passed the mantle to their daughter, Kate.  Together with our amazing and passionate staff, Kate works to ensure Farrells continues to evolve to meet the needs of our community.  We are constantly humbled by the love our community shows for our little bookshop and the importance it has held in the lives of multiple generations. 


We are committed to promoting the importance of books and literacy within our community.  For several years we have run a Children’s Book Week Story Writing Competition for kids from Prep through to Year 12, which now attracts hundreds of entries annually.  We work closely with many local schools to develop their school libraries and reading initiatives, and run pre-school storytimes in store to foster a love of books in our youngest community members.  We regularly run events including book clubs and author talks to extend our customer experience and create opportunities to bring the community together to celebrate books.

We also partner regularly with local not-for-profit groups, including Rotary and Lions Clubs, on projects that aim to add value to our community.

We feel lucky to be a part of a regional community that values us and continues to nurture and inspire us in our business and look for every opportunity to give back and nurture that most important of relationships.

In the broader book community we are a proud member of the national industry association known as BookPeople (formerly the Australian Booksellers Association).