Book Clubs are BACK!!  After an unplanned four year hiatus, we are very pleased to announce a return to in store Book Club in April, June and August 2024.

This year our Book Clubs will focus on new release fiction, with three different session times available each month.

Participation in a session is $45 per month, with each month needing to be booked separately.  Each session includes:

  • copy of the new release book
  • moderated discussion
  • drink on arrival, light refreshments (evening sessions) or takeaway coffee / tea, biscuits (daytime sessions)
    (Please note: as drink orders for the day sessions will be taken at the start of each session to be prepared at a local café, late-arriving participants will not be included.  BYO reusable cups encouraged!)

Places in each session are limited. A participant may only attend one session per month.

Books will be made available well in advance of session dates to ensure plenty of reading time. Once booked, we will make contact with participants with full information and timing.

We have selected three very different books for a varied experience across the three months for those who wish to attend across the year.

Bookings for all sessions will open 12pm Thursday 29 February and fill on a first come, first served basis.  A waitlist function will activate on the booking link if all sessions sell out.  

We can’t wait to welcome everyone back for some great discussions and extension of our reading experience.

APRIL: Joy Moody is Out of Time (Kerryn Mayne) (release date 27 February)
Joy Moody is Out of Time by Kerryn Mayne ISBN:9781761343285

On her twin daughters’ twenty-first birthday, Joy Moody – proprietor of Bonbeach’s premier laundromat – is found dead. Yet that is not the strangest thing happening behind the bright pink facade of Joyful Suds.

For much of their lives, Joy has been telling Cassie and Andie one big, fat lie: that they are from the future, and that when they turn twenty-one they will travel back to the year 2050.

What started as a colourful tale to explain how the girls came to live with her has now become a decade-long deception. Worse still, Joy has started to believe it herself.

The lie is certainly preferable to the truth she can’t face – about what happened to the girls’ real mother, and how far Joy’s gone to keep them ‘safe’ . . .

With the twins’ twenty-first birthday fast approaching, and with Andie starting to have doubts, time is fast running out for Joy Moody. In more ways than one.

Book Club Session Times:
  • Friday 19 April 10.30-11.30am – BOOKED OUT
  • Tuesday 23 April 6.30-7.30pm – Online Bookings are now closed. Please call the store if you wish to make a booking (03) 5975 5034
  • Tuesday 30 April 10:30-11:30 – CANCELLED


JUNE: No Church in the Wild (Murray Middleton) (release date 26 March)
Joy Moody is Out of Time by Kerryn Mayne ISBN:9781761343285

Five years after violence erupted between young migrants and local police in Melbourne’s inner west, a police-led trip to hike the Kokoda Trail seeks to rebuild trust. But fresh allegations of racial profiling have the community on a knife edge.

For wannabe rapper Ali, pride is hard to come by in the commission towers, where friends fill the gaps left by a family secret. Classmate Tyler’s anger – at his broken home, and a world that denies his dreams – is close to ignition.

With her life in disarray, young and idealistic teacher Anna defies a school system that’s failing her students. And Paul, a cop new to the beat, quickly realises it’ll take more than community policing to fix relations with local youth.

From the vial-studded stairs of the inner-city high-rises to the mud-sucking jungle of Kokoda, No Church in the Wild is a fierce interrogation of contemporary Australian society and the prejudices that still underpin it. 

Book Club Session Times:
  • Friday 14 June 10.30am-11.30am SOLD OUT
  • Tuesday 18 June 6.30-7.30pm
  • Tuesday 25 June 10:30-11:30 CANCELLED


AUGUST: The Glassmaker (Tracey Chevalier) (release date 3 July)
Joy Moody is Out of Time by Kerryn Mayne ISBN:9781761343285

Venice, 1486. Across the lagoon lies Murano. Time flows differently here – like the glass the island’s maestros spend their lives learning to control.

Women are not meant to work with glass, but Orsola Rosso flouts convention to save her family from ruin. She works in secret, knowing her creations must be perfect to be accepted by men. But perfection may take a lifetime.

Skipping like a stone through the centuries, we follow Orsola as she hones her craft through war and plague, tragedy and triumph, love and loss.

Her creations will adorn the necks of empresses and courtesans from Paris to Vienna – but will she ever earn the respect of those closest to her?

Tracy Chevalier is a master of her own craft, and The Glassmaker is vivid, inventive, spellbinding: a virtuoso portrait of a woman, a family and a city that are as everlasting as their glass.

Book Club Session Times:
  • Tuesday 13 August 10.30am-11.30am
  • Friday 23 August 10.30-11.30am
  • Tuesday 27 6.30-7.30pm