Baboon in a Balloon by Patrick Guest ISBN:9781761204975

book launch: patrick guest

saturday 10 february ||  3.30pm

In store  |  FREE EVENT

We are excited to kick off our 2024 Events Program with another zany, madcap Patrick Guest Book Launch, this time for the first book in a new series, Baboon in a Balloon.  Just about anything can happen at Patrick’s events, but one thing is for sure – it will be entertaining!  Join us for the fun!

Please note that the shop will close early at 3pm this day to set up for the launch – doors will reopen for the 3.30pm start. 

Baboon in a Balloon

Available now

Baboon in a balloon, it’s a wonderful day. Up through the clouds, up, up and away! YAY! But, look out below! Baboon’s day is headed for splat! Booo!

about the author

Born into an ever-growing family and raised in the Melbourne beachside suburb of Seaford, Patrick’s childhood consisted of footy, floundering, running through tea tree, bone collecting, and ten part harmonies in the family spluttering bright orange VW combi van. Even back then Patrick was writing stories, with the Powerful Patrick series a serious hit with his parents and rabbit Snowball. After some time and a few different corporate career changes, Patrick found his life calling – as a Dad – and with that the second half of his career – as a storyteller.

Patrick Guest has written multiple children’s books, including The Ricker Racker Club, Born to Fly / The Second Sky, Windows and The Beaver and the Beasts.  His latest book – Baboon in a Balloon – is out now.