Honourable Mention
Upper Primary (Yr 3 -Yr 6)

My Second Mother
Charlotte Dungey

When I first heard that my Grandma was diagnosed, my life shattered. I didn’t know the truth about it. I didn’t know the consequences of walking a tight rope. I didn’t know what was yet to come. I guess I really just didn’t know.

In life bad things happen, this was the worst so far. It is like a year, warm and bright, then dark and gloomy and back to warm and bright, but instead an outlook on her life. She was a happy and bubbly person who would always pass the drinks around, hug you tight and she would always make you laugh. She hit the dark and gloomy part when she started getting sicker and sicker. She got worse as every day passed, she started to forget. She could not see the light, she could not see the hope and she spent most of her days in bed. My family felt like there was no other choice rather than to put her into care because it troubled them so badly to see her like that.

She is the light of my life and one of the most treasured things that I will always hold on to. She inspires all of my family to keep going because that is what family is about, love. I wrote this piece because of love and how much I truly do love my Grandma. If you have one person in your life that inspires you to keep going because of what they have been through, in my life it is my Grandma. Now I know the truth about dementia and what it does to people. I know the consequences of walking a tight rope but I don’t know what is yet to come.

I will say one more thing, if you are reading this never let go of the people that mean the world to you, like to me my Grandma.


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