To celebrate Children’s Book Week each year we hold a kids story-writing competition.  There are Farrells book vouchers up for grabs as prizes and winning entries are published on our website. You can see some past winners here and here (click on the winning titles to see the story).

Come along to our AUTHOR VISIT for the announcement of the winners!
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There are five different age groups:

  1. Lower Primary: Prep and Year 1

  2. Middle Primary: Years 2 to 4

  3. Upper Primary: Years 5 and 6

  4. Lower Secondary: Years 7 to 9

  5. Upper Secondary: Years 10 to 12

Entry Guidelines:

  • Entries may be in picture story or short story formats.

  • Primary level short stories must not exceed 2 pages/1000 words.

  • Secondary level short stories limited to 3 pages/1500 words.

  • Only entries within the word limits will be read, so practice your editing skills!

  • In all groups, limits of one individual entry and one collaborative entry per person.

  • Hard copy entries can be dropped in our competition box in store.

  • Electronic entries should be in either PDF or Microsoft Word format and can be submitted to events@farrells.com.au with the Subject: CBW 2019 Story Comp.

  • Please ensure you include your name, age, contact information (phone and email) and group of entry.

Entries close Sunday 30 June


With guest author, JANE GODWIN

Jane Godwin is a the highly acclaimed author of over twenty-five books for children, across all styles and ages. Her work is published internationally and she has received many commendations, including the Queensland Premier’s Award (Children’s Books), the Aurealis Award and the Animal Welfare Award, and shortlistings in the CBC Book of the Year Awards, the Prime Minister’s Literary Award, the New South Wales State Literary Award (Patricia Wrightson Prize) the YABBA Awards, the Speech Pathology Awards, The Family Award for Children’s Books, and the Australian Book Industry Awards.


So what will you write about?

  • You could use the Children’s Book Week theme from this year – “Reading is my Secret Power” – as a starting point.

  • Think about some favourite books you love to read and see if you can create something similar.

  • For those of you writing picture story books, have a look at the Scholastic Story Starter.  (Be sure to get Mum and Dad’s okay to use the computer).

  • For Groups 2-4, have a look at Andy Griffith’s Once Upon A Slime for some tips on writing or check out this YouTube video of him speaking with a school group about how to write.

  • Ask your school librarian or teacher for some ideas.

  • Be creative!  Your imagination is a unique and wonderful thing – so put it to good use!

We can’t wait to see what wonderful creative stories you share with us.

Happy Writing!

  1. Hi,
    For the competition, it is either 2 pages or 1000 words? Or it has to be 1000 words in 2 pages?
    I am confused. My kid wants to do more pages but less than 1000 words

    Thank you,


  2. I am 11years old for story writing i wish that i can win this golden opptunity for mylife

  3. Hi Pilar,

    The 2 page / 1000 word limit is relevant only to the short story format (ie. not illustrated). It’s fine for it to be more than 2 pages as long as it’s within the 1000 word limit – for example some kids like to use a particular font or font size that will push it over multiple pages, but it’s still within the word limit. If we get more than 2 pages of solid text (ie over 1000 words) though it is just too much for us to get through all the entries, which is why we impose a limit.

    Happy story writing!

  4. We look forward to reading your entry. 🙂 Happy writing!

  5. Thank you!

  6. Hi, I’m in year six and looking to enter, what is the page limit or the word limit? because at school, the teachers are saying it should be 3 – 4 pages long.

  7. Hi Peyton,

    The Competition has actually closed for this year. Look for the announcement for next year’s Competition around Easter. All the entry details including word and page limits will be released then. Thanks for your interest.

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