TEN DAYS left until Christmas, so we’ve pulled together some last minute recommendations from each of our staff – while stocks last!

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A very open, honest, gracious and inspiring biography which I wanted to read in one sitting.
Inspiring wisdom about how to live with self care, told from an indigenous point of view.
Heart-warming and sensitively told story about children in WWII, a must read for middle grade readers from one of our favourite middle grade authors.
For the cricket fans! A wonderful, moving story about ordinary Aussies connected by their passion for the game.
A must have for the history buff in your life – the story of humanity from prehistory to the present day, told through the one thing all humans have in common: family. A truly gorgeous tome!
Poh's food is always such a delight - so much variety in cuisine and every recipe easy to replicate. This is the gift that keeps giving - when all the yummy food starts to come back to you!
One of our favourite Strout characters moves out of New York City & we witness the humanity & humour of her insight on family, the pandemic & the human connection.
A fictitious Australian town. An unsolved disappearance. A tender & funny regional drama full of intrigue & 70’s vernacular. For those wanting a BIG heart with their Summer read.
In conversation considered musings on life, love, music, grief & art. An insight into what moves & informs this maker & man.
For Harry Potter lovers or anyone in need of a light celeb bio. Super fun and made me have a whole newfound appreciation for Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy!
A fast-paced drama filled with intrigue and mystery. Could not put this one down!
In classic Stephen King style, there were parts that filled me with joy, parts the made me want to cry and parts that sent shivers down my spine!
An atmospheric and intriguing delight, that will captivate from page one, this book will sink its teeth into you. For those who love rich world building and creative creature lore, and count Neil Gaiman as a favourite author.
Searingly beautiful and essentially important reading for every teenager and adult alike. A honest, and gorgeous story about hope that will stay with you forever. For fans of Markus Zusak.
Retelling of Medusa’s story, centring on sisterhood bonds, loyalty and what really makes a monster. For anyone who has loved Natalie’s previous books or has read Madeline Miller and is wanting more.
A beautifully curated body of work from Patty Smith. 366 snapshots create a 'window into her soul' feeling as you flick through page after page not wanting to put it down.
The perfect coffee table book for those seeking unhurried and sustainable getaways within Australia. A collection of 50 of the best 'Slow Stays' around the country.
1000 piece jigsaw featuring an illustrated map of the Mornington Peninsula by artist Wendy Straw. A terrific gift idea for any MP local folk who'd love a jigsaw!
Another brilliant read by Taylor Jenkins Reid. As an easy, contemporary read that still has depth, I think it’s a perfect Christmas read. It might even teach you something about tennis - it certainly did for me!
Fierce and insightful, this memoir dives right into Tame’s childhood, adventures and trauma. She has a lot to say - and it’s captured perfectly through her writing, which manages to be humorous, tender and articulate, all at once.
Inspired by Chinese mythology, this is a gorgeous fantasy set in a world where tea gives magical abilities to the drinker. A fantastic read, especially for fans of Throne of Glass - perfect for any teen or young adult.
A beautiful photographic exploration of a Melbourne that’s distantly different yet warmly familiar, you will fall in love with this stunning collection of photos taken between 1960 and 1990.
Absolutely fascinating, deeply important, and hilariously witty, this latest edition in the much loved travel diary series once again delivers a unique insight to a far off place, with trademark humour and consideration.
This is a love letter to Persian cooking and culture with mouth-watering recipes and stunning photography throughout. Having cooked a number of the recipes, I can confirm they are authentic, delicious, and easy to execute.
For the manga fans a cute cosy story with gorgeous artwork and a interesting twist on casting magic. Follow Coco as she is wrapped up in a mysterious plan after she learns the truth of how powerful magic can be...
A pretentious, dark academia that follows a group of elite students and the events that drive them to the murder of their friend. A perfect read for those who revel in mystery and the beauty seen in bygone things.
The perfect gift for Victorians, a lovely lavender smelling heat pack for the cold Melbourne days that feel like they're here to stay this summer. Handmade on the Mornington Peninsula.
The debut cookbook from Lune, a world-renowned croissant bakery in Melbourne. For anyone who loves to bake or just look at pretty pictures of yummy pastries & dream about baking them.
I’ll be getting this one for my nieces. They love hearing the story of Bunjil at the library’s storytime. Simple, rhythmic and lyrical, while also sharing an important message.
This one is on my Christmas wish list. A peak into 32 of Australia's best artists and their creative spaces. The perfect gift for creatives and interior lovers.
A hilariously relatable essay collection for every 20-30 something year-old who feels like their life is a bit of a mess - you're not alone!
An atmospheric, tension-filled read set in a Tasmanian River Valley, Limberlost is a tender story about nature, connection to land, and the intricacies of familial love.
This is a unique, dark and magical story set in a world where book binders can bind a person's worst, most tragic memories into book form and let them forget them forever. But the consequences can be sinister, and the life of a book binder is complicated and lonely. Wonderfully imagined and beautifully written.
An immensely enjoyable, holly jolly, Aussie Christmas read! Full of local holiday traditions like a trip to Santa's Place and The Christmas Tree Farm. A short, sweet story for romance readers, perfect for this busy time of year.
This is my favourite - and in my opinion also the most underrated - Jane Austen novel. Perfect as a gift for those with aesthetic bookshelves, a beautiful keepsake for old fans and a lovely way to introduce the next generation.
The third in this cosy crime series which sees great development of all existing characters as well as introducing some new members to the Thursday Murder Club. If you enjoyed the first two books, this one is every part their equal - a rollicking romp!
Another fun cookbook with 100+ recipes using, you guessed it, Vegemite! A surprisingly versatile ingredient, this is the perfect gift for all vegemite lovers.
Perfect for any James Bond fan. And who wouldn't want top complete a puzzle on James Bond, he's awesome!
For the fans: a deep dive into the inner workings of James Bond's cool gadgets and gizmos.
Classic recipes for this festive season. Great ideas for sharing and her Christmas pudding recipe is super easy to make!
Fabulous book to share with children to help educate them on our First Nations people.
Interactive reading experience for children. That promotes imaginative play and story telling.