We wanted to let you know what we’re doing here at Farrells in response to the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic.

Like all of you, we’re concerned primarily with the safety and wellbeing of family, friends and staff. We are monitoring all official advice as it comes to hand and updating our responses accordingly when and where required.  As you would be aware things are changing constantly and at times very rapidly – please be assured we are doing our best to respond as required.  In light of this, also bear in mind that the information in this update may change, in which case we will update you again if and when required. 

We have taken a number of measures to do what we can to mitigate the health risk if you come into the shop, but also want to provide you with risk-free alternatives for purchasing books if you are in quarantine or self-isolation or are simply trying to minimise your public contact where possible.
Please note our IN STORE measures and HOME DELIVERY SERVICE detailed below.

In Store Measures

Firstly, to try and stay open, with healthy people serving you, for as long as possible, these are the steps we have implemented:

  • Hygiene measures—increased regular cleaning, using disinfectant, of all surfaces, door handles, EFTPOS machines and computers; regular hand-washing / sanitising.
  • Changes to store layout—to improve the ability to adhere to social distancing recommendations of 1.5m between people. 
  • Reduced staff numbers—we have a number of vulnerable family members in our extended Farrells family and as such have given staff the option of voluntary leave. This means we are operating on reduced staff and would appreciate your patience and understanding in how this may impact our ability to serve you quickly. 
  • Staff health—staff exhibiting any signs of illness will not be attending work until well. 
  • Contactless card payments—are preferred to minimise passing of cash from hand to hand, though cash will still be accepted.  Staff will wash hands after handling cash transactions—please be patient when this is required.
  • Prepayment for quick collection—books may be ordered by phone (5975 5034) or email (info@farrells.com.au) with prepayment by phone for quick collection in store, minimising your contact time in public (NB: this is not an option if you are in self isolation or quarantine following return from overseas – see other options available). 
  • Compliance with non-essential gatherings directives—numbers of people in store will be kept under the 4m2 directive and all coming events have been cancelled including Preschool Storytime sessions, March author visits and Book Club groups.  Decisions on later events will be made based on advice closer to the time.

Temporary Home Delivery Service

We will be providing a temporary local home delivery service as of Thursday 19 March. This is to continue service for those in self isolation or quarantine and to encourage people to comply with social distancing recommendations–if you are unwell, please consider others and stay at home.  However, we are a small business covering a large geographic area with limited resources—please consider whether you need home delivery or can opt to prepay and collect in store instead

There are two ways you can order a book for home delivery – the first and fastest is by phoning us on 5975 5034 during our regular trading hours, the second is by emailing us at info@farrells.com.au (note we will only process email orders during our regular trading hours Monday to Friday). 

Terms and Conditions for FREE Local Home Delivery
  • Minimum purchase value of $25
  • Payment by credit card only
  • Deliveries Monday to Friday only
  • Purchases will be delivered to your letterbox or doorstep and delivery confirmed with a text message, so please ensure your address and mobile number are correct when you place your order.
  • Orders processed before 3pm each day will be delivered:

Farrells reserves the right to vary any and all home delivery
terms and conditions at any time without prior notice

Support Your LOCAL Small Businesses

A note on Western Port suburbs – we are aware we have many regular customers in these areas and wish to continue supplying you where possible, however we would also urge to you consider supporting our friends at Peterson’s Bookshop in Hastings (5979 8233) if it is easier / faster for you to access their service than wait for home delivery from us.

Similarly for the Southern Peninsula (all suburbs south of Rosebud), please contact our friends at Antipodes Bookshop in Sorrento (5984 4217) to see how they can meet your needs at this time.

We would urge you all to support your local small businesses of all kinds however you can – this situation will have a long term impact.  We will be doing our best to adapt and be innovative so please ensure you take the time to see how you can continue to support us and them and ensure that we can keep as many in our community open and providing employment as long as possible.  

Special Orders

As always, if we do not have an item you require in stock we are happy to order it in for you (pending availability).  Until further notice, however, please note the following exceptions to special order items:

  • for items coming from certain smaller suppliers we will be requiring payment in full at time of order.  We will advise if your order is impacted by this. 
  • we will not be ordering overseas stock items.  This is because of the uncertainties around delivery timeframes due to disruptions to shipping and air freight routes and in pricing due to current volatility in exchange rate fluctuations. Where an item is warehoused in Australia, we will do our best to order it in for you. 

The Importance of Community

These are uncertain times and many people are understandably feeling anxious and worried about the present and future.  Farrells has been a part of the Mornington Peninsula community for more than 40 years and we understand and are proud that many consider us an important part of their lives – as a meeting place for community, support and shared love of books and reading and all the ways they can enrich our lives. 

We strongly believe we can get through this unusual time if we stay strong in our community ties and look out for each other and especially the most vulnerable amongst us.  We would urge everyone to show compassion and choose kindness, ask for or offer help where and when it is needed, and stay calm in response to events unfolding.  If you are feeling overly anxious, turn off the news for a while, sit outside in the sunshine, call and speak to a friend, listen to some music – focus on the things you can control and try not to worry too much about those you can’t.  

Remember that reading and books can provide a wonderful escape from the stressors of the present – they also don’t requiring charging or broadband and don’t have expiry dates. 

Please stay safe and well and let us know however we may be of continued service to you.  The sun is currently shining and is a great way to kill off bugs – so get outside and enjoy it with a good read!

Best wishes,
Ian, Meredith, Kate, Suzie and all the Farrells Gang