Reading has so many benefits – improving your mood, reducing stress, learning new skills or ways of thinking, understanding the world around us (including current events), and providing connection and solace when we may otherwise feel alone.  And of course entertaining us and giving us a form of escape – we may not be able to travel more than 5km from our homes physically at the moment, but in books we can fly.

We thought we would pull together some reading ideas to give you some spark in the current lockdown. Maybe you could choose to read something simultaneously with a friend or family member you can’t visit or see at the moment, then get together virtually to discuss – your own mini book club! Maybe you could choose something to read as a family. Maybe now is the time to tackle something you’ve always wanted to but have never had the time (Les Miserables, Ulysses, War and Peace…).

Don’t forget that we’re only a phone call away if you still need inspiration – we love nothing better than connecting each reader with the right book. (Oh and if you don’t feel you have the headspace for reading right now but need to switch off your screens – we have some really diverse and amazing jigsaw puzzles available for both adults and kids – a perfect exercise in mindfulness).

Bestsellers & New Releases

Click through to see which books we’re most excited about in July and August and what everyone was reading in July.

Spring Reading Guide

Our latest reading guide has landed with all our top picks for books coming in the next few months – you can pick up a hard copy if you’re walking past the shop front during our lockdown collection hours or you can flip through an online version by clicking on the image to the left.

You can also look through our previous seasonal reading guides on our Reading Guides page and there is a menu option to shop our reading guide titles on the online store.

Staff Recommendations

Our Staff Recommendations are one of the most popular browsing spots in store – a bit of fiction, a bit of non-fiction, something new, something not-so-new – here’s what’s on the shelf currently…

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Backlist Favourites

“What was that amazing book everyone was raving about two years ago, but I was flat out and didn’t manage to get to it?…”

Have a look at some of our past favourites or those that have been regular best sellers over the past few years…

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