An Unexpected Hero: Pow Pow Pig 1 by Anh Do ISBN:9781760526405

An Unexpected Hero: Pow Pow Pig 1 by Anh Do

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Hi there! I'm Pow Pow Pig!

Me and my friends didn't make the A team … or the B team … or the C, D or E teams ….

We made the Z team!

How are we going to save the world when we were the last ones picked?!

A hilarious new adventure from the mega-bestselling author of Wolf Girl and Ninja Kid.

About the Author: Anh Do is one of Australia's best-loved storytellers. His series, including Wolf Girl, E-Boy and WeirDo are adored by millions of kids around the country.

Growing up on Roald Dahl and having adventures with Calvin and Hobbes, Peter Cheong was heavily influenced by the way Quentin Blake and Bill Watterson brought stories to life. After spending several years in the Australian Army, Peter finally decided to pursue a career in illustration, something that he was always passionate about. He currently resides in Perth, Western Australia with his amazing wife, creating characters and telling their stories.


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Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)

Readership Level

Children / Juvenile




Peter Cheong

Date of Publication

03 Aug 2021

An Unexpected Hero: Pow Pow Pig 1 by Anh Do ISBN 9781760526405

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