Ask Jules: Love yourself and live your dream by Jules Robinson ISBN:9781761108570

Ask Jules by Jules Robinson

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Honest, first-hand advice from the beloved TV personality, entrepreneur, wife and mother.

Since finding love on Married at First Sight, Jules Robinson has had a whirlwind five years – she got married (for real), had a baby, and became a purpose-driven entrepreneur. Though there have been setbacks and challenges, Jules has stayed true to herself throughout.

Jules is beloved for her unshakeable optimism, vulnerability, and sense of fun. But what is the real secret to her confidence? How does she juggle motherhood with multiple businesses, while remaining her most glamorous self?

In Ask Jules, Jules Robinson puts it all out on the page. She shares her personal experiences, expert tips, and empowering lessons on style, family, motherhood, self-love, wellbeing, manifesting and practising gratitude. Jules’s mission is to give you the tools you need to go after the life you’ve always dreamed of, and to feel good about yourself while you’re doing it – exactly as you are, right now.

About the Author: Jules Robinson shot to fame following her appearance on Married at First Sight where she met her now ‘real’ husband Cam Merchant.

Cam and Jules proved incredibly popular with the Australian and UK public, largely due to their authenticity and genuine love for one another which saw them marry ‘in real life’ once the show wrapped. The two have a child together and a another on the way.

Since MAFS, Jules has launched her shapewear brand Figur, fashion label Moira Muse, and hair and makeup bar Status Co. She also co-hosted a podcast about motherhood called The Juggling Act podcast. You can find her on Instagram @julesrobinson82.

01 May 2024

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01 May 2024

Ask Jules: Love yourself and live your dream by Jules Robinson ISBN 9781761108570

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