The Big Poo Quiz: Toilet Trivia for All the Family by Natasha Durley ISBN:9781399602877

Big Poo Quiz by Natasha Durley

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150 QUIZ QUESTIONS ALL ABOUT POO! This sturdy box contains 50 illustrated quiz cards, perfect for long journeys and wet afternoons

COLOURFUL ILLUSTRATIONS keep everything bright and fun

A GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY – no potty mouths here!

Do you know what bat poo has in common with fireworks? Ever wondered what you call a person who studies poo? Brush up on your toilet trivia with these family-friendly quiz cards all about the stinky stuff. Each card features an easy, medium and hard question guaranteed to challenge even the most knowledgeable poo-head.

Learn everything you want to know about poo (and much more that you didn't!) with this jam-packed trivia game for all the family

About the Author: Writer Aidan Onn was born in the UK but grew up in Hong Kong. After returning to the UK to study design and film production, he settled in London. His other titles for Laurence King include Who Did This Poo?, Monster Hotel and Poo Bingo.

Natasha Durley is an illustrator based near Bournemouth in the UK who creates vibrant and playful images inspired by her favourite subject, the natural world. Her work has been commissioned for a wide range of applications: murals, homeware, stationery, apparel, toys and apps.


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Aidan Onn

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28 Jul 2022

The Big Poo Quiz: Toilet Trivia for All the Family by Natasha Durley ISBN 9781399602877

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