Bittersweet: How to Turn Sorrow Into Creativity

Bittersweet by Susan Cain

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From the author of the megaselling phenomenon QUIET, the no. 1 NYT bestseller on how to turn sorrow into beauty – and even joy

Whether you long for the partner who broke up with you, or the one you dream of meeting; whether you hunger for the happy childhood you’ll never have, or for the divine; whether you yearn for a lost person, an unborn child, the fountain of youth, or unconditional love- These are all manifestations of the same great ache…

In this inspiring masterpiece, Susan Cain – author of the international bestseller Quiet – shows us the power of a “bittersweet” outlook- the dramatically overlooked tendency to states of longing and poignancy, and a curiously piercing joy at the beauty of the world. Embracing the bittersweet means understanding that light and dark, birth and death – bitter and sweet – are forever paired, and that only by recognising this can we be fully whole.

Bringing to light the ideas of artists, writers and thinkers from all over the world, and her own quest for answers over the course of a lifetime, Susan Cain shifts our understanding of the world by teaching us how to transform pain and sorrow into creativity and love – and therefore how to turn our sadness into an enriching superpower.

About the Author: Susan Cain is the author of the Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller Quiet- The Power of Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking. Her writing on introversion and shyness has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian, Oprah magazine and Psychology Today. Cain has spoken at Microsoft and Google, and has appeared on the BBC, CBS and NPR. Her work has been featured on the cover of Time, in the Daily Mail, the FT, the Atlantic, GQ, Grazia, the New Yorker, Wired, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, the Washington Post, CNN and


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20 Nov 0616

Bittersweet: How to Turn Sorrow Into Creativity, Beauty and Love by Susan Cain ISBN 9780241300671

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