The Borrowed Life of Frederick Fife by Anna Johnston ISBN:9781761347597

Borrowed Life of Frederick Fife by Anna Johnston

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The Borrowed Life of Frederick Fife is a warm, life-affirming debut about a zany case of mistaken identity that allows a lonely old man one last chance to be part of a family.

‘Would you mind terribly, old boy, if I borrowed the rest of your life? I promise I’ll take excellent care of it.’

Frederick Fife was born with an extra helping of kindness in his heart. If he borrowed your car he’d return it washed and polished, with a full tank of petrol. The problem is, he has no one left to borrow from. At 82 he’s desperately lonely, broke and on the brink of homelessness.

But Fred’s luck changes when, in a bizarre case of mistaken identity, he takes the place of cranky Bernard Greer at Wattle River Nursing Home. Suddenly he has a roof over his head, warm meals in his belly and, most importantly, the chance to be part of a family again.

Fingers crossed his poker face is in better nick than his prostate or the jig is up.

As Fred walks in Bernard’s shoes (and underpants), he discovers more about the man’s past – and what it would take to return a broken life to mint condition.

Bittersweet and remarkably perceptive, The Borrowed Life of Frederick Fife is a feel-good novel about forgiveness, redemption and finding family.

‘You’ll be utterly charmed by this stunning debut. We all need a Frederick Fife in our lives.’ Amanda Hampson, author of THE TEA LADIES

‘An endearing story about an Aussie battler with a heart of gold. This book is like a big, warm hug – I couldn’t get enough of Fred Fife and his borrowed life.’ Kerryn Mayne, author of LENNY MARKS GETS AWAY WITH MURDER

‘I adored this big-hearted novel that shows it is never too late to find a family. Tender, wise and laugh-out-loud funny, it is a tonic for the soul.’ Joanna Nell, author of MRS WINTERBOTTOM TAKES A GAP YEAR

‘What a glorious story it is – I absolutely loved it! Anna has created a wonderfully diverse cast of funny, flawed, and completely relatable characters. Fred is one of life’s unsung heroes – a loveable rogue with a big heart for whom kindness towards others comes as naturally as breathing. It was an absolute joy to follow him on his poignant, hilarious and at times precarious journey to find the happy ending that he so richly deserved.’ Ruth Hogan, author of THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS

About the Author: Anna Johnston is a former baby, aspiring octogenarian and emerging Australian author with a love for the heartfelt and hilarious. She grew up in country Victoria before moving to Melbourne where she lives joyously with her husband and daughters by the beach. Anna left an imminent career in medicine to follow her heart into her grandfather’s nursing home where she became the social support coordinator, taking great delight in shaking up the usual program. When injury left her unable to continue working in aged care, she began to write about it, channelling her love for older people onto the page.

02 Jul 2024

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Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

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02 Jul 2024

The Borrowed Life of Frederick Fife by Anna Johnston ISBN 9781761347597

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