Dorothy by Jordan Collins ISBN:9781761044243

Dorothy by Jordan Collins

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A captivating and lyrical own-voices picture book exploring homecoming, belonging and identity, with exquisite illustrations capturing the essence of a journey of self-acceptance.

Dorothy wears Doc Martens. Clicking her toes together once, twice, three times, she whispers, ‘Where is my home?’

A modern comparison to Dorothy’s journey of finding home in The Wizard of Oz.

About the Author: Jordan Collins (Author)
Jordan Collins was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Australia when they were eight years old. Their heritage is African-American Greek-Australian, meaning that their skin is dark, their hair is curly and they have spent a large part of their life feeling torn between cultures and expectations. Growing up, no matter where they found themselves or how they were doing, they could always find home and belonging in the pages of a book. Now they write to give other people like Jordan a little taste of the home they have made for themselves.

Dorothy is Jordan’s second picture book, with Where? (illustrated by Phil Lesnie) published in mid-2022 with A&U.

Myo Yim (Illustrator)
Myo Yim is a Korean author-illustrator living in Australia. Since her debut picture books, To the Forest of Night, published in Korea and Rajah Street, published in Australia. She has illustrated about 15 books over the last decade including White Sunday. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Myo now lives in Byron Bay, Australia with her husband and two boys.


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Myo Yim

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20 Nov 0229

Dorothy by Jordan Collins ISBN 9781761044243

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