Escape to Nature: Visit 75 of Australia's Best National Parks by Australian Geographic ISBN:9781741178906

Escape to Nature: Visit 75 of Australia’s Best National Parks by Australian Geographic

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Escape to Nature is a stunning guidebook to 75 of Australia’s most unique and awe-inspiring national parks, carefully selected by the Australian Geographic team. Given Australia is home to the highest number of national parks in the world, choosing only 75 of the best was a difficult task to say the least.

These 75 must-see nature areas will soothe your spirit, pique your interest and inspire a deeper connection with Australia’s environment. Get a feel for these national parks before you visit, as each entry covers Traditional Owners, history, wildlife, the best landmarks, must-do activities, and where to walk and camp. Experience a prolonged beach break on the pristine sands of the Queensland coast, climb mountains in the Australian Alps, stop to smell the (wild)flowers of Western Australia’s South West, seek wisdom from the ancient rainforests of northern New South Wales, feel the stiff sea breezes of the Great Ocean Road on your face, or hear the cacophony of birdcalls in Kakadu.

With vibrant photos, illustrations and maps, you’ll have no trouble finding a national park that’s the perfect escape for you. Whether you’re living the van life around Australia or craving some soul-searching on long weekends, there are so many natural areas around this vast continent waiting to be discovered. Escape to nature today!

The first guidebook in a partnership between Australian Geographic and Hardie Grant Explore, featuring a fresh-look design and brand new content.

About the Author:

For nearly forty years, the Australian Geographic team has been travelling this vast continent, crafting stories that celebrate the places, people, plants and animals that unite to make Australia what it is today: an ancient, wild, free place like no other on Earth, rich in biodiversity and beauty, much of it protected in parks that safeguard endemic flora and fauna, fossil sites and links to our evolutionary past.

Documenting this continent is both our passion and our purpose and supports the actions of the not-for-profit Australian Geographic Society and its conservation goals. Australian Geographic staff and freelance writers, working closely with natural history author turned Australian Geographic editor Karin Cox, have combined their skills to pass on their extensive knowledge of these 75 wonderful national parks, many illustrated with images taken by or curated by the team over decades of ‘escaping’ to Australia’s unique brand of nature.

31 Jan 2024

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31 Jan 2024

Escape to Nature: Visit 75 of Australia’s Best National Parks by Australian Geographic ISBN 9781741178906

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