Football Rules the World by Simon Mugford ISBN:9781783129768

Football Rules the World by Simon Mugford

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In Football Rules the World, discover how football became the most popular game it is today, boasting a mind-blowing 3.5 billion fans worldwide!

The daring duo of Dan and Simon will usher you through the story of football – the highlights of course! You’ll meet the legendary players and inspirational managers of the beautiful game, relive the magic moments and read stories of epic wins and glorious goals from around the globe.

Wonderfully illustrated – bringing football’s history back to life – Football Rules the World is packed with plenty of jokes, funny characters, as well as the facts and stats that fans of Football Superstars have come to know and love.

Everything the young fan wants to know about their favourite sport! This fact-packed book traces the history of football, from the origins of the game to the modern legends, and tells the stories of some of the greatest matches, greatest goals and even the controversies that have become part of football folklore.

About the Author: After studying the history of everything at Goldsmiths College, Simon worked at the Science Museum making paper aeroplanes and setting fire to hydrogen balloons. Despite being a fully grown man, his favourite subjects include dinosaurs, robots, rockets, loud music andStar Wars. An Ipswich Town fan since they won the FA Cup in 1978 (it’s true – look it up) he lives in Kent with his wife, daughter, and a cat with two names.Dan Green has drawn silly pictures since he could hold a crayon. Then he grew up and started making books about stuff like trucks, space, people’s jobs,Doctor Who andStar Wars. Dan lives in Suffolk with his wife, son, daughter and dog that takes him for very long walks.


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Football / soccer (Children's / Teenage)

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Children / Juvenile




Dan Green

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20 Nov 0317

Football Rules the World by Simon Mugford ISBN 9781783129768

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