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Grow Big, Little Seed by Bec Nanayakkara

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Grow Big, Little Seed is a tender, hopeful picture book about miscarriage and pregnancy after loss. Illustrated by the extraordinary papercut artist, Sarah Capon (@eyepicturedthis), it’s perfect for children aged 2 to 7, and any family celebrating their new baby.

Exciting things were happening in Nina’s home.
‘While we wait,’ said Mum, ‘let’s plant a seed and watch it grow.’

When Nina plants a pumpkin seed, she imagines herself and a little sister playing in the leaves of a large pumpkin plant. Nina’s mum is pregnant and it seems that Nina’s dreams may soon come true. But despite Nina’s loving care, her seedling stops growing as her mother’s pregnancy ends early.

As time goes by, her mother is pregnant again, and Nina finds the courage to plant another seed. This time, Nina’s seedling grows and grows, and her family embraces a joyful surprise with not one but two rainbow babies.

The perfect picture book to share with any growing family.

A tender and uplifting picture book about pregnancy after loss, from the perspective of a soon-to-be-older sibling.

About the Author: Bec Nanayakkara lives with her husband and five children in rural New South Wales, Australia. With qualifications in psychology and education, she has worked in a variety of wellbeing roles in schools.

Sarah Capon (@eyepicturedthis) is an illustrator and animator specialising in paper. She lives and works in Brisbane, Australia, and spends her time creating art, watering her ferns, and taking her corgi, Peach, everywhere she goes.

03 Apr 2024

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Personal & social issues: siblings (Children's / Teenage)

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Children / Juvenile




Sarah Capon

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03 Apr 2024

Grow Big, Little Seed: A story about rainbow babies by Bec Nanayakkara ISBN 9781761212963

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