The Guy Who Decides: Australia's funniest social media sensation by Jimmy Rees ISBN:9781922806437

Guy Who Decides by Jimmy Rees

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Have you ever wondered who made the call on imperial measurements, collective nouns for animals, horoscopes and Olympic sports? What were they thinking? And why do parents insist on naming their children after cities, cars and smoothie ingredients (Paris, Mercedes and Kale, we’re looking at you…)?

The Guy Who Decides, Jimmy’s first book for adult readers, expands upon his hilarious videos lampooning the absurd conventions and rules of our modern world through the outlandish characters of The Guy Who Decides (who appears to be several martinis deep at all times) and his underling, Jason. Meanwhile, from Brighton to Byron Bay and beyond, prepare to meet a bunch of Australians who are as funny/scary as they are uproariously familiar!

Australia’s funniest, sharpest social media sensation, Jimmy Rees riffs off his wildly popular social media videos in this humour title for fans of Kitty Flanagan’s 488 Rules for Life and Nat’s What I Reckon.

About the Author: Jimmy Rees, aka Jimmy Giggle of ABC’s Giggle and Hoot, is a household name whose videos became a public service during the pandemic, giving the Australian public a good laugh when the headlines were anything but amusing. A regular on Australian television and now with his headline comedy show Meanwhile in Australia sold out across the country, Jimmy has become a multi-generational favourite and one of the most-watched social media personalities of recent years.

27 Sep 2022

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27 Sep 2022

The Guy Who Decides: Australia’s funniest social media sensation by Jimmy Rees ISBN 9781922806437

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