The Happiness Trap: Stop struggling

Happiness Trap by Doctor Russ Harris

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Free yourself from depression, anxiety and insecurity, and instead build a rich and meaningful life, with the world’s best-selling guide to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Over 1 million copies sold!

In The Happiness Trap, Dr. Russ Harris provides a means to escape the epidemic of stress, anxiety, and depression, unlocking the secrets to a truly fulfilling life.

Updated and expanded in its second edition, this empowering book presents the insights and techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), covering more topics and providing more practical tools than ever before. Learn how to clarify your values, develop self-compassion, and find true satisfaction with this bigger and better guide to:

* Reducing stress and worry

* Handling painful thoughts and feelings more effectively

* Breaking self-defeating habits

* Overcoming insecurity and self-doubt

* Building better relationships

* Improving performance and finding fulfilment at work

The Happiness Trap is for everyone. Whether you’re lacking confidence, facing illness, coping with loss, working in a high-stress job, or suffering from anxiety or depression, this book will show you how to build authentic happiness, from the inside out.

Escape from the ‘happiness trap’ which has misled millions of people, with this revolutionary guide to reducing stress, building strong relationships, breaking self-destructive habits, and living a truly fulfilling life. This updated and expanded second edition is the ultimate guide to building authentic happiness from the inside out.

About the Author: Dr Russ Harris is a world-renowned trainer of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). As a GP he became increasingly interested in the psychological aspects of health and wellbeing, which led to a total career change. He now works in two different, yet complementary roles, as a therapist and a coach.

03 Nov 2021

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03 Nov 2021

The Happiness Trap: Stop struggling, start living by Doctor Russ Harris ISBN 9781922539199

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