How to Play Your Best Golf: Strategies From a Tour Pro by Nick O'Hern ISBN:9781743798041

How to Play Your Best Golf by Nick O’Hern

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How to Play Your Best Golf is the essential golf handbook to help any golfer understand and improve their game.

In this guide, highly respected pro golfer Nick O’Hern takes you through the strategies to golfing success. He reveals the key secrets of professional golfers, discusses how playing to your strengths can yield a better result, and describes all the tactics you can use to score, from course strategy and club selection to pre-game preparation and harnessing the power of mindset.

How to Play Your Best Golf is the perfect gift not only for the golfer of old but for the new generation of golfers. Packaged in a handsome hardback format with beautiful photography, this book is both practical and revealing in helping golfers reach their true potential.

Sharing the strategies of pro golfing to enhance the ordinary golfers game.

About the Author: Nick O’Hern is a highly respected pro golfer who was based in the US for most of his career and has only recently returned to Australia. He spent two decades playing professional golf across the globe at the highest level. Starting his career on the PGA Tour of Australasia, he went on to a successful career on the European Tour before heading to the US to compete on the PGA Tour for nine years. O’Hern represented Australia at two World Cups and was a member of the International team at two Presidents Cups. He is the only man to have beaten Tiger Woods twice in the World Match Play Championship.


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04 May 2022

How to Play Your Best Golf: Strategies From a Tour Pro by Nick O'Hern ISBN 9781743798041

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