Human?: A Lie That's Been Killing Us Since 1788 by Ziggy Ramo ISBN:9780645240139

Human? by Ziggy Ramo

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So-called Australia is built upon a lie: that 97% of the population are human, and the others simply ‘Indigenous’, devoid of the same basic rights.

Human? is the story of Ziggy Ramo’s experience growing up under the weight of this lie. We’ve had 235 years of continued destruction in the name of ‘civilised progress’, under an oppressive colonial system that punches down on almost everyone. We all deserve more. But to move forward we have to be honest about the past.

Written on the precipice of becoming a parent, Human? is Ziggy Ramo’s offering for the future – an attempt to bridge a nation-wide knowledge gap, and start a new conversation. Prerequisite reading for anyone searching for a way forward, together.

Human? is a book, an album and an exhibition by one of the most exciting voices of this generation. With his powerful debut, Ziggy asks: Would you still fight for human rights if it meant giving up your privilege?

A groundbreaking, provocative call-to-arms by acclaimed Wik artist Ziggy Ramo, Human? invites readers to confront this nation’s biggest lie.

About the Author: Rapper and changemaker Ziggy Ramo knows his worth. An award-winning musician and producer of Wik and Solomon Islander heritage, Ziggy’s artistry challenges the settler colonialism and institutional racism upon which Australia was built. His creativity channels perspectives that are often neglected or suppressed, offering unique and salient commentary on race, masculinity and mental health.

His phenomenally important LP Black Thoughts was awarded the FBI Album of the Year, and April 25th took home FBI Single of Year. Ziggy made his directorial debut in 2021 with the music video for Little Things, filmed in collaboration with the Sydney Opera House. A true multihyphenate, Ziggy then made his acting and composer debut, starring in the Stan original series Black Snow. His second studio album, Sugar Coated Lies, was released on the 26th of January 2023.

Carrying the ancestral name of Ramo, meaning the person to which you are accountable, his work is a force to be reckoned with.

30 Apr 2024

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30 Apr 2024

Human?: A Lie That’s Been Killing Us Since 1788 by Ziggy Ramo ISBN 9780645240139

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