Life On Us: Everything that lives ON us or IN us

Life On Us by Prof. Tim Flannery

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Life On Us is a first-of-its-kind exploration of everything that lives ON and IN us, but is NOT us, from one of the world’s greatest living explorers and scientists!

Welcome to the fascinating world of Life On Us! Our bodies are home to tens of thousands of species that aren’t at all human – on our skin, inside our gut and even in our brain, and they can have an extraordinary impact on how we feel, act and live. Many organisms are microscopic, but some are far longer than we are. Some make frequent but temporary visits, while others stay for a very long time!

Get ready to learn all about our amazing microbiome and the trouble-making germs and parasites you won’t like to host. Scientist-extraordinaire Tim Flannery and his daughter Emma Flannery come together in this incredible exploration of a rapidly growing and enormously exciting area of science. Together, they’ve assembled possibly the weirdest collection of knowledge about the human body, from poo transfusions to research into how parasites can help us. Find out what’s living on you!

Did you know:
– that your gut microbiome makes up three-quarters of the weight of your poo?
– that COVID-19 can enter your body through your eyeballs?
– that botox is more poisonous than any snake, spider or jellyfish?
– that your pet cat could pass on a mind-controlling parasite?

About the Author: Professor Tim Flannery is one of the world’s leading scientists, explorers and conservationists. He is the author of more than thirty books, including the bestselling Explore Your World series for children, and the award-winning Here on Earth (2010), The Weather Makers (2005) and Atmosphere of Hope (2015). He has held positions in renowned institutions across Australia and internationally, including Director of the South Australian Museum, Visiting Chair in Australian Studies at Harvard University and Distinguished Research Fellow at the Australian Museum. He was named Australian of the Year in 2007. He is a frequent presenter on ABC Radio, NPR and the BBC, and has also written and presented several series on the Documentary Channel.

Emma Flannery is a scientist and writer who has explored caves, forests and oceans across most of the globe’s continents in search of the elusive fossils, animals and plants that help us understand our planet and who we are in it. With postgraduate experience in geology, chemistry and palaeontology, Emma’s research and writing has been published in scientific journals, children’s books and a number of museum-based adult education tours. She is the co-founder of Museophilliac, an independent curatorial service that has produced programs for the City of Sydney and the Australian Museum, aimed at bringing science to life for a range of audiences.

Illustrator Xavi Ramiro is passionate about communicating through drawing. He creates digital art that appears on screens, paper, canvases, walls, and in exhibition halls. He lives in Girona (Catalonia), Spain, and works worldwide.

15 May 2024

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Emma Flannery

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15 May 2024

Life On Us: Everything that lives ON us or IN us, but is NOT us! by Prof. Tim Flannery ISBN 9781761211744

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