The Minute Minders by Mary Murphy ISBN:9781782694229

Minute Minders by Mary Murphy

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Meet Stevie and her father: they’re fidders – tiny people that work alongside humans, helping them out with their problems. But when they team up to help Sandra May, a little girl with some big issues, they’ll need all of their powers of persuasion and patience to help her work out the best ways to behave.I’m Stevie Clipper. Me and my dad, we’re fidders, and it’s our job to help humans. Humans can’t see fidders, and we can’t let you know we exist. That’s the rule, anyway. But me, I’m not so good with rules. Especially when a human I care about is in big, big trouble…

About the Author: Mary Murphy is a Dublin-based author-illustrator of over 40 books for young children. She has garnered a string of starred reviews and accolades in the USA, UK and Ireland for her work, which has also been adapted for TV. The Minute Minders is her first novel

18 Jan 2024

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Paperback / softback


Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)

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Children / Juvenile



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18 Jan 2024

The Minute Minders by Mary Murphy ISBN 9781782694229

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