Mr Right Next Door by Katie Montinaro ISBN:9780645091816

Mr Right Next Door by Katie Montinaro

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When you start the search for Mr Right, perhaps the best place to begin is right next door…

It’s Josie’s birthday, and her biological clock is ticking. Loudly. At least that’s what

society and her mother would have her believe. Josie sets herself a

deadline; find the man of her dreams before her next birthday. Simple right? If only it was.

When Josie is torn between a man she just met and the man she’s been having a no

strings attached situationship with, her friends convince her to date them both. Three dates

is all she gets to decide where her future lies – she is on a deadline after all.

Nick knows that he and Josie are meant to be together, so when she tells him of her plan to

date both him and some other pin-up wannabe, he jumps at the chance to finally show Josie

just how ready he is to settle down and build a life with her. However, life doesn’t always go

to plan and neither do his dates. Can Nick open Josie’s eyes and help her see what’s been in

front of her this whole time? Or has he left it too late for a happily ever after?

04 Jan 2024

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Paperback / softback


Adult & contemporary romance

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General (US: Trade)



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04 Jan 2024

Mr Right Next Door by Katie Montinaro ISBN 9780645091816

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