My Dad is the Best by Nic McPickle ISBN:9781761180507

My Dad is the Best by Nic McPickle

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On a scale of 1-to-Dad,mine is off the charts!
He tells bad jokes, and sings old songs,
and blames the dog for all his farts.

Is it just my dad?Or is it other dads too?
Does your dad say this stuff to you?

A hilarious and warm-hearted celebration of fatherhood, perfect for dads of all shapes, sizes and species.

This warm and funny book is a big-hearted “thank you” to the dads out there who are giving their all – including all the best puns they know!

About the Author: Nic McPickle is a fun-loving children’s author based in Melbourne. Nic is the author of Fire Truck Santa and is hometown-famous on the relish and preserves circuit.

Tommy Doyle, a Melbourne-based illustrator, ceramist and graphic designer, is known for his unique ability to blend bold simplicity with a nuanced understanding of storytelling through art. Originally from Montreal, his move to Australia in 2007 marked the beginning of a journey that enriched his artistic perspective. When not at his desk, Tommy can be found out and about exploring the world with his husband and chihuahua.

02 Jul 2024

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Children's, Teenage & educational

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Children / Juvenile




Tommy Doyle

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02 Jul 2024

My Dad is the Best by Nic McPickle ISBN 9781761180507

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