Neymar Rules by Simon Mugford ISBN:9781783125623

Neymar Rules by Simon Mugford

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If Neymar is your favourite football superstar, then this is the book for you! Discover how he went from playing street football and futsal in Sao Paulo to becoming one of the best players on the global scene playing for clubs like Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. Learn how Neymar scored over 300 career goals, competed in the Olympics twice, and became one of the most popular football players worldwide.

Football Superstars: Neymar Rules is written in an engaging and accessible style that's ideal for emerging and reluctant readers. The simple narrative text is supplemented with cartoons and visual jokes, and presented with an energetic, graphic look. Sections and chapters make it easy to navigate and fun to dip in and out of. A supporting cast of players, managers, TV pundits – and even the authors themselves – chip in with quotes, jokes and comments to add to the playful and informative fun.

Records, stats and little-known facts keep the fun factor high.

About the Author: Simon Mugford writes books about everything from dinosaurs to robots and rockets to music.

Dan Green draws and writes books about stuff like trucks, space, people's jobs, Doctor Who and Star Wars.


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Football / soccer (Children's / Teenage)

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Children / Juvenile




Dan Green

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21 Jan 2021

Neymar Rules by Simon Mugford ISBN 9781783125623

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