Pancakes for Plum by Rae Tan ISBN:9780734422491

Pancakes for Plum by Rae Tan

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A gorgeous and moving book that celebrates finding yourself, the value of trying and the wonders of music from a talented new author and illustrator.

Plum worries she’s not good at anything. Big Brother is good at climbing trees and Second Brother is good at painting, but when Plum tries to join them, she discovers climbing and painting aren’t really for her. Then she hears piano notes for the first time and her heart flips over like a pancake on a hot pan. Could playing the piano be the thing that’s truly meant for her?

Pancakes for Plum is a gentle, whimsical celebration of self-discovery, beautifully illustrated by remarkable new author-illustrator Rae Tan.

About the Author: Rae Tan was born in Singapore and now lives in Perth with her husband. She holds a BA in international politics from King’s College London, and performance diplomas for both the piano and violin from Trinity College London. Currently, she is a music teacher working with young children. She is passionate about creating beloved characters and imaginative stories. Working mainly in pastels and watercolour, Rae’s illustrative style is bold and loose, yet meticulous when it comes to expressing moods and emotions.

26 Jun 2024

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26 Jun 2024

Pancakes for Plum by Rae Tan ISBN 9780734422491

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