Picasso's Lovers by Jeanne Mackin ISBN:9781035413881

Picasso’s Lovers by Jeanne Mackin

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‘A bold, sumptuous portrait of a great artist and the women who inspired, frustrated, loved, and loathed him… Picasso’s Lovers is an epic, sensuous delight’ Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author

A vivid reimagination of the women drawn into Pablo Picasso’s charismatic orbit, for readers of The Paris Wife and Mrs Hemingway.

Paris, 1923. The city is a Bohemian paradise for beautiful and wealthy foreigners seduced by the promise of a different life. Pablo Picasso is already famous, and anything seems possible in the name of art.

New York, 1953. For aspiring journalist Alana Olson, there’s always been something about Picasso. Her fascination leads to a series of intimate interviews with Sara Murphy and Irene Legut – two women from Picasso’s once-vibrant French social circle.

But as Alana is pulled deeper into the glamorous and tragic stories of the past, she begins to uncover what really lies beneath the canvas – and a disturbing convergence with her own life that bring her closer to Picasso, and those who loved and loathed him, than she ever could have imagined.

A vivid portrait of the women drawn into Pablo Picasso’s charismatic orbit , for readers of The Paris Wife and Mrs Hemingway.

About the Author: Jeanne Mackin is the author of several historical novels, including The Beautiful American and The Last Collection. She taught creative writing at Goddard College and has given numerous workshops. She lives in upstate New York and the first art she ever hung on a wall was a reproduction of Picasso’s Le Reve.

23 Jan 2024

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23 Jan 2024

Picasso’s Lovers by Jeanne Mackin ISBN 9781035413881

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