A Recipe for Magic Potion by Jack Henseleit ISBN:9781761211881

Recipe for Magic Potion by Jack Henseleit

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A powerfully delightful picture book about childhood play and the enduring magic of our natural world.

To make a magic potion, you will need these things:
A friend (or two or three)
A bucket or a pot
Or a hole
And – ingredients.

At first glance this story could be seen as a set of instructions on how to brew a magic potion, the ingredients of which are familiar – mud, a leaf, some sand. But as the story unfolds, the two children at the heart of this story let their imaginations run wild as they take the reader on a glorious, lyrical journey outside.

About the Author:

Jack Henseleit is a children’s author from Ballarat, Victoria, whose favourite potion ingredients are pink eucalyptus blossoms, crystalised honeydew, and sand from under the clothesline. He is the author of The Witching Hours and Cross Bones series, as well as the non-fiction book Family Road Trip Games. A Recipe for Magic Potion is his eleventh book.

Natasja Horne is a Dutch artist and illustrator who loves to create stories that help us find our way in life. Her work celebrates texture, shape and playful imperfections made by hand. Coloured pencils are her favourite tool, acrylic gouache a close second. She lives in Sydney with her husband, two children, a ball crazy French bulldog and three chickens.

03 Apr 2024

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Natasja Horne

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03 Apr 2024

A Recipe for Magic Potion by Jack Henseleit ISBN 9781761211881

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