Test Kitchen by Neil Stewart ISBN:9781472158246

Test Kitchen by Neil Stewart

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Test Kitchen is phenomenal – a mad, magical, ten-course feast of a novel, gorgeously written, totally original, packed with ideas and invention. Incredibly ambitious too – so many characters, so many stories, all of it choreographed so expertly. I have no idea how Neil Stewart did it, even after reading it twice. It deserves to be a massive success. Three Michelin stars’ Paul Murray, author of The Bee Sting

‘An amazing novel . . . Veering from humorous to horrifying, Test Kitchen shows real insight into the mildly unhinged nature of both high-end restaurants and their diners – with wit, lyricism and a killer turn of phrase’ Marina O’Loughlin

Welcome to a Tuesday night at London restaurant Midgard. The kitchen is buzzing. The tables are set. And the staff and guests take their place.

…The maitre d’ caught up in a conspiracy…

…The precocious young foodie with an axe to grind…

…The nervous new sous chef…

…The anonymous influential food critic…

…The patisserie chef stalked by her ex-lover…

…The wayward son of a dangerous family…

…The enigmatic head chef with the past she won’t discuss…

…The lone diner with the terrible wound to his face…

Watching everything from her hidden vantage is Marley, the restaurant’s newest waitress. She alone knows bad things are about to unfold – but she is powerless to intervene.

Tonight, everyone has a story. Is it too late to change how this one ends?

Tense and moreish, Test Kitchen is a darkly funny and often macabre story about the culture of food, of dining and eating, about feeding and nourishing, about mothers, mortality and magic.

Take a seat for an evening service at Michelin-starred Midgard, during which the stage is set for the most deliciously haunting who-done-it you’ll read this year… Test Kitchen is a novel about food: about desire and violence, mothers and mortality. Do you dare let us whet your appetite?

About the Author: Neil Stewart was born in Glasgow in 1978. He was educated at the University of Glasgow and holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. His first novel The Glasgow Coma Scale (Corsair) was published in 2014. He currently freelances as a proofreader and editorial assistant for galleries and museums, and is Arts Editor of the online magazine Civilian. He lives in London.

04 Jul 2024

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Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

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04 Jul 2024

Test Kitchen by Neil Stewart ISBN 9781472158246

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