The Family Fortuna by Lindsay Eagar ISBN:9781529518016

The Family Fortuna by Lindsay Eagar

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Lindsay Eagar’s dazzling YA debut welcomes us backstage at the Family Fortuna circus, where wonders lurk in wait to steal your breath away. You won’t believe your eyes!

Beaked. Feathered. Monstrous. Avita was born to be a star. Her tent sells out nightly, and every performance incites bloodcurdling screams. But when a handsome young artist arrives to create posters of the performers, she’s appalled by his rendering of Bird Girl. Is that all he sees? A hideous monster? Determined to be more, Avita devises a plan to snatch freedom out from under the greased moustache of her charismatic father. But will their fragile circus family survive the show she has in mind?

About the Author: Lindsay Eagar is the highly acclaimed author of the middle-grade novels Hour of the Bees, Race to the Bottom of the Sea, The Bigfoot Files, and The Patron Thief of Bread. The Family Fortuna is her debut novel for young adults.

02 May 2024

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Paperback / softback


Classic fiction (Children's / Teenage)

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Children / Juvenile



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02 May 2024

The Family Fortuna by Lindsay Eagar ISBN 9781529518016

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