The Secret Life of Flying: What really happens when you travel by air by Jeremy Burfoot ISBN:9781761269530

The Secret Life of Flying by Jeremy Burfoot

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How does a plane stay up in the air?
Does the Mile High Club actually exist?
When you flush the toilet, where does it all go?

Buckle up for some turbulence because nothing flies under the radar for Captain Jeremy Burfoot.

With more than 35 years of airline experience, the former Qantas pilot presents an Airbus-load of stories about unruly passengers and cockpit clashes, and expertly navigates the bizarre myths surrounding everyday air travel. He explains important details like why plane wings actually bend, which in-flight surfaces carry the most germs and how to make plane food taste better.

Jam-packed with hilarity, horror stories and honest insights, The Secret Life of Flying is part memoir and part guide to the skies – a razor-sharp and First Class read for anyone who has ever wondered who’s really flying the plane…


‘A candid and entertaining behind the scenes view of aviation from former Qantas pilot, Captain Jeremy Burfoot.’ Dick Smith, entrepreneur, bestselling author and aviator

‘There is more to flying around the world than flaps, slats and airports. In this candid and no-holds-barred account of the intricacies of commercial aviation, Captain Burfoot deep dives into the technicalities and personalities surrounding your A to B flight. You will be chanting the checklists along with your pilots and smiling smugly wondering what colourful discussions are taking place behind the flight deck door. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take-off with Captain Burfoot and The Secret Life of Flying.’ Captain Kevin Sullivan, former Qantas pilot and author of QF72

‘Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or you just like reading success stories, Jeremy’s life has been colourful, to say the least. At age 31 a Boeing 747 Captain! Few pilots travel through their career at this pace. The book is a must read.’ Mike Pero, entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast

About the Author: Captain Jeremy Burfoot is a retired Qantas pilot with 23,000 hours of flying between over 100 countries under his belt. He worked for Qantas for 36 years, Japan Airlines for 3 years and was a navigator in the Royal New Zealand Air Force for 3 years. He has three World Records on JetSki (including 24-hour longest distance travelled), having raised $500,000 for melanoma and prostate cancer. He has represented New Zealand at masters World Championship cycling multiple times. Today he delivers workshops in overcoming the fear of flying, and is an author and an adventurer. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

25 Jun 2024

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25 Jun 2024

The Secret Life of Flying: What really happens when you travel by air by Jeremy Burfoot ISBN 9781761269530

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