The Way We Are: Lessons from a lifetime of listening by Hugh Mackay ISBN:9781761470059

The Way We Are by Hugh Mackay

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Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain.Yet none of our differences-whether based on ethnicity, politics, religion,cultural tastes and preferences, or gender-are nearly as significant as the humanity we share.

Amidst our epidemics of loneliness, anxiety and depression, and the impacts of entrenched poverty and ubiquitous technology, The Way We Are examines the major trends that are shaking the foundations of the Australian way of life.

Drawing on thousands of interviews over a lifetime of research, Hugh Mackay, much loved and highly respected social psychologist, presents a compelling portrait of Australia today. He celebrates the march towards gender equality and explains the stubborn persistence of misogyny, the anti-social consequences of social media, the complex legacy of the Baby Boomers, and the ‘fake wisdom’ that guides too much of our thinking. Exploring the steady decline in religious faith and practice, Hugh identifies the many gods we continue to worship, and points to the positive role that dreaming can play in our lives. Though some of his observations may not be easy reading, Hugh’s analysis is suffused with affection for our country.

Inspiring, provocative and powerfully argued, The Way We Are is the most important-and uplifting-book you’ll read all year. It will encourage you to reflect deeply on the question: What kind of society do we want to become?

‘Hugh Mackay is one of this country’s most perceptive social commentators.’ – Sydney Morning Herald

‘Mackay is something of a national treasure.’ – Canberra Times

Australia’s leading social psychologist examines our society today and asks timely and urgent questions about its future

About the Author: Hugh Mackay is a social psychologist and bestselling author. His non-fiction covers social analysis, psychology, communication and ethics. He is also the author of nine novels. Hugh has had a sixty-year career in social research and was a weekly newspaper columnist for twenty-five years. He is a fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and the Royal Society of New South Wales and has been awarded honorary doctorates by five Australian universities. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2015 and is currently an honorary professor in the School of Medicine and Psychology at the Australian National University. He lives in Canberra.

30 Apr 2024

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30 Apr 2024

The Way We Are: Lessons from a lifetime of listening by Hugh Mackay ISBN 9781761470059

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