Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition by Sarah Hendrickx

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The difference that being female makes to the diagnosis, life and experiences of an autistic person is hugely significant. In this widely expanded second edition, Sarah Hendrickx combines the latest research with personal stories from girls and women on the autism spectrum to present a picture of their feelings, thoughts and experiences at each stage of their lives.
Outlining the likely impact will be for autistic women and girls throughout their lifespan, Hendrickx surveys everything from diagnosis, childhood, education, adolescence, friendships and sexuality, to employment, pregnancy, parenting, and aging.
With up-to-date content on masking, diagnosis later in life, and a new focus on trans and non-binary voices, as well as a deeper dive into specific health and wellbeing implications including menopause, PCOS, Hypermobility/Ehlers-Danlos, autistic burnout, and alexithymia, this is an invaluable companion for professionals, as well as a guiding light for autistic women to understand and interpret their own experience in context.

A cradle-to-grave guide to female autistic experience combining personal accounts with academic research, with chapters on childhood, education, employment, healthcare, gender identity and ageing.

About the Author: Sarah Hendrickx is autistic, and highly experienced in the assessment of autistic females and those with co-morbid profiles of Autism/ADHD. Sarah has carried out more than 1000 assessments over 10+years, has trained psychiatrists in the diagnosis of female Autism, and has delivered over 1000 Autism training workshops and conference presentations internationally. Sarah is British, now residing in France.

18 Jan 2024

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18 Jan 2024

Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age by Sarah Hendrickx ISBN 9781805010692

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