You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler ISBN:9781925265903

You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler

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Ian Gawler faced his own cancer battle in 1975 when his right leg was amputated because of bone cancer. In 1981 he founded the Gawler Foundation, one of the world’s first lifestyle-based cancer self-help and support programs; and in 1984 the first edition of his book You Can Conquer Cancer was published. This updated edition of the international bestseller focuses on the use of mind training and guided meditation, the importance of family and social support, and the nutritional decisions and emotional focus needed to overcome the challenges faced when diagnosed with cancer.

About the Author: Ian Gawler is the founder of the Gawler Foundation, has appeared widely in the media and is a sought-after presenter and speaker at conferences around the world. He has conducted workshops and retreats in his native Australia and internationally for more than thirty years. He is the author of Blue Sky Mind.


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01 Mar 2017

You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler ISBN 9781925265903

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