Staff Christmas Picks 2023

In the second of our Christmas gift buying guides, here are some recommendations from each of our staff – displaying the diversity in what we like to read.  Click the covers for more detail on each title.

We had cosy crime, now welcome quirky crime! Definitely a homage to the golden age of crime and mystery novels, this will have you laughing out loud as much as it will have you guessing whodunnit...
It's been another long year - definitely ready to take to the road, wind in my hair...and this is the perfect guide to plan some salty getaways in 2024
Pacey, funny, and full of philosophical ponderings on human nature and connection - wrapped up in a dystopian novel!
Such a beautiful compendium of creativity from one of Australia's music icons - art, poetry, memoir and lots of heart.
Found myself constantly laughing out loud throughout. Great for fans of Kitty Flanagan’s 488 Rules for Life.
An engaging and structurally original book blending history, biography and autobiography by one of Australia’s pre-eminent writers.
Definitely worth the wait! Another high energy thriller by the author of I am Pilgrim.
Such an inspiring young man, choosing to run from Fremantle to Sydney in 43 days to raise money for homelessness.
Spanning hundreds of years whilst the cycles of nature cycle, one fixed point in the North Woods bears witness to all. A gorgeous novel of woven tales on the connectedness of everything
What constitutes a civilized life? A tiny island, a mixed heritage population, an inverted gaze, a biased & catastrophic decision, equal parts beautiful & devastating.
An intelligent, quirky, non-romanticised look at love, loss & life in an older body.
We all have a backstory – not necessarily hidden but just seemingly another lifetime ago. Beautiful, honest, warm & funny.
Vibrant and cinematic western featuring love, and revenge.
Enthralling grim, gothic tale with a small town secrets and a sinister house at the centre of everything.
Short stories full of hijinks featuring a witch knight and a puppet sorcerer.
Cozy, high fantasy with first loves and secondhand books.
If you're a fan of Sally Hepworth or Liane Moriarty and want a bit of thriller that you won't be able to put down, then this would be perfect!
Or perhaps a book that will whisk you away to a whimsical world full of dreams and stories? If so, this is the ultimate comfort book, and one of my favourite reads of the year.
I am a sucker for a medical memoir, filled with dark humour, sprinkled with messages about the importance of paramedics.
The perfect read for young ones this festive season, from the much loved author of Artemis Fowl.
Full of delicious and authentic Japanese recipes, that are totally achievable for the home cook.
THE vegan baking bible includes dozens of recipes crafted to perfection by local author and baker Georgia Irwin.
A beautiful cookbook aiming to challenge the stereotypes surrounding the middle east, through food! These recipes are delicious and complement the fantastic eponymous restaurant in Melbourne’s north.
A deliciously addictive fantasy filled with dragons, intrigue, and sizzling relationships. You will not be able to put this one down!
From the minds behind the Shameless podcast, this is a gorgeous coffee table book perfect for women in their 20’s, full of juicy gossip and insightful discussion.
A beautiful, LGBTQ+ teen fiction. Both a coming of age and a coming out story, with a gorgeous friendship group.
A dark academia, full of twists and unique, lunar magic. For fans of Leigh Bardugo and Olivie Blake.
From one of my favourite authors, this is a brilliant satire – funny, shocking and profound.
A beautiful, heartbreaking, and gritty read that you won't be able to put down.
Recounting the stories of 156 extraordinary Australian women artists from the 19th and 20th centuries, who's creative contribution shaped modern art in Australia.
Beautifully illustrated and boasting over 60 recipes of classic Gin cocktails and modern creations, this will tantalise your festive tastebuds this holiday season!
For all the jigsaw lovers, a beautifully illustrated 1000 piece puzzle and pull out poster.
Beautiful limited hardback editions with sprayed edges always make excellent gifts and this book is such a crowd pleaser!
This sumptuously detailed puzzle is perfect to get you in the mood for Season Three, coming in 2024.
This super sweet story features a crafty protagonist plus 'how to' sections so your kids can get creative over the school holidays!
These stunning photographs give us a lovely look into the gardens of famous authors!
A great gift for the creative. This is about personal journey with creativity, trauma, grief and the need to create. It is also about giving ourselves permission to create - not because it makes us money but because it brings us joy and personal fulfilment.
A beautiful story about loss, grief, sisterhood, family and forgiveness. My favourite read of 2023. I didn't want it to end.
Deep within the opioid epidemic of the Appalachian Mountains is a hero worth rooting for. Heartwarming.
This is the kind of book that makes you grateful that stories exist. Equal parts love, hope & despair for humanity. It's whimsical, tragic & heartwarming.
A creepy and enthralling story following a bunch of missing children, a boy that glows like starlight and a shadow intent on hunting him down.
An intoxicating literary experience of the ‘morbid longing for the picturesque’.
A bunch of misfits thrown together to save the galaxy in this action packed, found family read.
A captivating story on how one’s love can be just as corrupting as it is freeing.
Seven tools to help you discover your full potential. No nonsense. No excuses. Work towards your goals with practice and patience. Empowering read that left me feeling motivated.
Packed with family friendly healthy deliciousness, this will take you into the New Year in fine form!
Packed with 10 stories in one bumper volume. An early reader filled with fun stories teaching children how to be brave, resilient, flexible, and kind.
A timeless classic that is beautifully written conveying the power of unconditional love mixed with a spot of fairy magic can even turn a toy rabbit real.
If you’re looking for an in depth and beautifully crafted fantasy world, then this is perfect. With unforgettable characters and a world to get lost in, a wonderful gift for fantasy readers.
A prequel to the bestselling Hunger Games series – follow Coriolanus Snow and his journey to become the most hated man across all districts. With the movie adaptation in cinemas now, this is a great gift for the holidays.
A perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy, taking the best from both worlds. This book is best for anyone who can never quite decide what they want to read.
With corruption, plot twists and adventure around every corner, this action packed fantasy journey will get your adrenalin going this Christmas.