winners: 2021 writing and illustration competition
We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s competition! We’re of course extremely disappointed we cannot celebrate together in person, but reading all the amazing entries and looking at the beautiful artwork that came in has been a wonderful lightness in amongst all the dark.

Thank you to every single one of you who put pen to paper, or brush to page or fingers to keyboard to create your amazing stories – it was a joy to explore your ‘OLD WORLDS, NEW WORLDS, OTHER WORLDS’. It’s a shame we had to choose winners at all, but each of these were standouts in their age groups. For those of you who haven’t won a prize this year – keep honing your skills and maybe 2022 will be your turn! We hope you enjoy reading through and looking at the winning entries as much as we have.

Lower Primary

WRITING: Ned Thomas for The Boy Who Started the Goldrush

ILLUSTRATION: Rosie Ablethorpe for Another World

Middle Primary

WRITING: Sophie Wills for Treasure Island

ILLUSTRATION: Xavier Goldfinch for Adventures from Copycat Planet

Upper Primary

WRITING: Sophia Van Zanten for The Crazy World of Parenting

ILLUSTRATION: Willow Fletcher for Nature’s World

Lower Secondary

WRITING: Ava Levett for Thin Veil

ILLUSTRATION: Skyler Sahely for Untitled

Upper Secondary

WRITING: Sylvia Mackie for Foreign Lands

ILLUSTRATION: Joshua Vanhoutte for Untitled


WRITING: Rebecca Fraser for Yelah

ILLUSTRATION: Wendi Bradshaw for Ants to Ashes

Each of our winners will be receiving a voucher to select their own prize in store.