Bookshops offer much more than books and other things to buy. They present limitless portals to different worlds. Visiting a bookshop provides us all with an opportunity to be transported to wherever we want to go, maybe it’s climbing a multi-storey treehouse to find the marshmallow machine, a trip to the outer edges of the universe exploring Arrakis, or even back in time to watch the first pages of the Oxford dictionary come together. Wherever we want to go, we can get there via our local bookshop.

Love Your Bookshop Day 2023 celebrates the unique role local bookshops play in helping to expand our worlds by ‘Giving the Gift of Imagination.

Join us in store all day on Saturday 7th October to help us celebrate Love Your Bookshop Day.  There will be giveaways, competitions, prizes and general fun and frivolity for all!