The Majorly Awkward BFF Dramas of Lottie Brooks by Katie Kirby ISBN:9780241647400

The Majorly Awkward BFF Dramas of Lottie Brooks by Katie Kirby

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From hilarious bestselling author, Katie Kirby, comes a brand-new Lottie Brooks story.

Lottie Brooks is BACK and she’s as BRILLIANT as ever!

At long last Lottie and Daniel are an official couple and everything seems to be going super well (except for Amber being increasingly mean and jealous, but what’s new there?).

Amber decides it’s ludicrous that Lottie has a boyfriend and she doesn’t so she decides to hand out applications forms at school and audition the most eligible Batchelors for the role. Jess also decides to reveal to the rest of the group that she might be gay, and that she might also have a crush on someone at school.

Meanwhile Toby’s new year’s resolution is to get a dog, and for once Lottie and him see eye to eye, in fact the whole Brooks family are in agreement (except mum). Eventually they break mum down – enter the lovable cockapoo Pot Noodle who is lots of fun but VERY naughty and VERY destructive.

Lottie soon finds having a new boyfriend and a new dog means she has little time for anyone else, leaving the Queens of Eight Green pretty upset. How is Lottie meant to keep everybody happy and stop Pot Noodle from pooing on the carpet?!

About the Author: Katie Kirby is a writer and illustrator who lives by the sea in Hove with her husband, two sons and dog Sasha.

She has a degree in Advertising and Marketing and after spending several years working in London media agencies, which basically involved hanging out in fancy restaurants and pretending to know what she was talking about, she had some children and decided to start a blog called ‘Hurrah for Gin’ about the gross injustice of it all.

Many people said her sense of humour was silly and immature so she now writes children’s books.

Katie likes gin, rabbits, over-thinking things, the smell of launderettes and Monster Munch. She does not like losing at board games or writing about herself in the third person.

18 Jul 2024

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18 Jul 2024

The Majorly Awkward BFF Dramas of Lottie Brooks by Katie Kirby ISBN 9780241647400

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